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German Cockroach Gut Bacteria Encourages Grouping and Colonies

Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own "Neighborhoods"
Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own “Neighborhoods”

They’re creepy and crawly, and they like to get in everyone’s business from chewing through boxed containers of food to running amuck across counter tops in the kitchen. The disrespecting culprit is the infamous cockroach.

Cockroach and Bacteria

A study at North Carolina State University had interesting results that could lead to the development of stronger and more efficient baits and traps to stop cockroaches in their tracks.

This study involved bacteria found in the gut of German cockroaches. The findings determined that gut bacteria produced fatty acids that result in pheromones being produced in the bug’s feces. The pheromones then work as an attractive scent that is irresistible to other roaches. This draws the roaches together, which is important especially for nymphs who need a safe place.

The feces contained different chemical compounds; 40 in all. What the researchers found was that feces not containing the gut bacteria lacked the majority of the compounds and had only small amounts in the remaining group.

What this means to pest researchers developing treatments for companies with NJ cockroach exterminator specialists is the ability to create more effective products that can be blended to address a variety of roach groups depending on individual environments.

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