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Tips to Keep Rodents Out of Your Restaurant

Tips to Keep Rodents Out of Your Restaurant
Tips to Keep Rodents Out of Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, then you know how important it is to keep pests away. In New Jersey, a lot of restaurant owners are dealing with rodent problems. It seems to be an ongoing problem that’s difficult to solve.

But did you know that there are ways for you to keep both mice and rats away? Let’s talk about what you can do aside from calling an NJ rodent control service.

Seal Up Any Holes

You’ll want to do a careful inspection of your restaurant looking for holes or cracks that mice or rats could get through. Installing doorsweeps, weather stripping and heavier screens on the windows and doors are all good ideas.

Maintain Trash Cans and Dumpsters

If you can, try to position your dumpsters and trash cans as far away from the building as possible. That will discourage any mice or rats who might otherwise be tempted to gain entry. Also, you’ll want to clean them frequently to make them less appetizing.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Restaurants are required to adhere to certain standards of cleanliness in New Jersey, but we invite you to take that one step further. Make sure your staff is cleaning up any spills, crumbs or messes quickly.

Your NJ Rodent Control Professionals are Here to Help

Sometimes, even with your best efforts, rodents find a way in. We can help you. Please contact us.

The Center for Disease Control: Diseases Directly Transmitted by Rats and Rodents

The Center for Disease Control: Diseases Directly Transmitted by Rats and Rodents
The Center for Disease Control: Diseases Directly Transmitted by Rats and Rodents

Whether you see one or two rats or other rodents, keep in mind there are most likely more nearby. As they breed, a situation that starts out as a few renegade rodents can turn into an infestation requiring the services of a professional NJ rodent exterminator.

Rats Rodents and Transmitted Diseases

Rodents are known disease carriers. Some cities have huge populations of rats as well as people making the chances high for humans to come in contact with a number of illnesses.

Some of the diseases are directly transmitted in a variety of ways such as rat bites, direct contact with rat droppings or urine, eating or drinking items contaminated with rat feces, breathing contaminated dust from decaying droppings and dried urine, being bitten by a tick already infected, and, although rare, from direct contact with another person already infected.

Some of the diseases that can affect humans in North America via a virus or bacteria include:

– Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrom

– Leptospirosis

– Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis

– Plague

– Rat-bite fever

– Salmonellosis

– Tularemia

For more information about these diseases as well as those affecting other countries, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Click the link for additional information about the disease and its signs and symptoms, the risk of exposure, the region where rodents are found, treatment, and prevention.

For help with rodents, contact Stern Environmental. We’ll send an expert NJ rat exterminator to efficiently eliminate the problem.

Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter

Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter
Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter

Although pests might seem to be more active in summer, they also keep NYC pest control experts busy during winter. Some types of pests are more commonly found inside buildings when the weather gets colder. Here are some of the pests you can expect to see this winter.


Mice like to make their homes inside walls and other parts of building interiors in order to stay warm and have easy access to food and water. These rodent pests can get into food supplies and even spread germs that could make building occupants sick. It’s important to take steps to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the NYC area. Unlike some other types of bugs, cockroaches don’t spend the winter months hibernating. This means you might see them inside your building throughout the season. These pests can spread disease and cause other health issues.


Silverfish are thin insects that like to feed on books, clothes and other items. They don’t make people sick, but they can destroy property. It’s crucial to have silverfish infestations dealt with promptly to prevent property damage.

If you end up with a pest problem in your building this winter, our NYC pest control professionals are here to help. Contact Stern Environmental to learn more about our services.

Mice and Men in New York City

In most other places around the country, people get mice problems because they are too lazy to take out the garbage or clean their homes. In New York City, it doesn’t matter what you do or do not do; mice will visit any place that is accessible to them. The finest restaurants and hotels in the city have mice problems, and they have yet to find a way to keep these creatures away for good.

New York mice are fearless, and they will not be deterred by the sight of their friends and relatives getting caught in a mousetrap. They are not really afraid of humans, and they will just look for food in your home at their own leisure. They are also intelligent enough to outsmart some of the most excellent feline hunters, so having cats in your home does not really solve the problem. They can get into almost any place they want because they can squeeze through openings that are as small as the size of a dime.

Other than eating your food, mice also carry a wide range of diseases, and they will contaminate your food with their urine and feces. They also chew electrical wires, which may cause power failure, or even fire.

Recession Causes NYC Cockroaches and Mice to Thrive

The New York Times recently published an article about NYC cockroaches and NYC mice thriving in a recession. No, they’re not running a Ponzi scheme, they are doing well because people are cutting costs due to the recession and pest control services for these particular critters have been eliminated or decreased by some residential and commercial customers. Apartment and office building owners are cutting back services. You probably won’t have a mouse doing the backstroke in your clam chowder in your favorite NYC restaurant due to restaurant owners being concerned about big fines.

One customer was quoted in the article saying “We’ll step on the bugs and kick the mice. The exterminating almost becomes a luxury item.” Stepping and shoving will probably work better than tickles and pinches.

Pest control experts suggest that cutting back on exterminating services will cost businesses and residence owners more money in the long run. Sure you can kick a mouse but after he stops being befuddled he will probably find a way to produce more mice and the problem gets bigger. He may produce more mice just to be spiteful. It’s obvious a stepped on NYC cockroach will be making babies a few hours later.

If you have cockroaches or mice call a NJ, NYC pest control expert to get rid of them.