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Tips to Keeping Nuisance Wildlife Out of Your Attic

Squirrels and Other Wildlife Can Destroy Your Attic
Squirrels and Other Wildlife Can Destroy Your Attic

NJ nuisance wildlife removal is usually required when cooler weather arrives and the outdoor pests want to move indoors as your new domestic house guests so they can stay warm. Consider these tips to make your property resistant to wildlife intrusions.

Preventing Wildlife Invasions

There are several tips to prevent wildlife from becoming unwanted guests. These include actions you can take both indoors and outdoors.

Check vents leading to the attic and chimney tops to ensure they’re screened to keep wildlife out. Also, replace a torn window or door screen as these are another entryway.

Trash left out in the open is a calling card for wildlife. Think camping and bears pillaging for food and that’s the same scenario you could have in your yard. Keep trash in secure bins.

Tree limbs growing near the roofline are like providing an interstate highway with fast access for wildlife to find entry points.

Store wood for the fireplace a minimum of 20-feet from your home. Also, don’t keep piles of debris piled up in the yard.

Use secure bird feeders that allow access only to birds.

For expert NJ nuisance wildlife removal, you need the services of a professional who knows how to remove squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other critters safely.

When wildlife comes knocking at your door, basement, or attic, call Stern for fast-action help. We handle NJ nuisance wildlife removal the best way possible; quickly.