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Pest Control Customers Are Concerned About Family and Public Health

Protecting Families from Pests Carrying Disease
Protecting Families from Pests Carrying Disease

NJ & NYC pest control service providers are increasingly being looked upon as a means to protecting the public health. A recent survey shows, as American consumers become increasingly exposed to (and aware of) the integral role pests play in regards to health, they’re looking to the pest control industry as a positive influence in this arena.

Insect Issues
Pests carry a host of diseases, from ticks toting Lyme disease to encephalitis-inducing mosquitoes. There’s the sanity sapping side-effects of bedbugs, not to mention allergen-inducing dust mites and cockroaches and their pollutant poop. Then there’s the wide range of health and psychological issues that can all be addressed by your area pest control pro. Because of these common concerns about public health…

• 78% of survey respondents viewed pest professionals as protectors of public health.

• 80% viewed their services as protective of their home and property.

• 70% viewed regular pest control services as protective of their home and family.

• 87% turned to professional treatment for the knowledge and experience offered in properly identifying and treating every type of pest.

The National Pest Management Association sees this shift in focus as an opportunity to become a major player in the public health arena, and will use this new information to help the industry better meet customer needs.

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Bed Bug Problems Are Surfacing at Movie Theatres

Hey Theater Manager... We Have a Problem.
Hey Theater Manager… We Have a Problem.

Movie theaters are a great place to get away from the summer heat and share an enjoyable experience with friends and family. You want to briefly escape life’s stresses, not pick up new ones and bring them home with you. Unfortunately, movie theaters are an ideal place for those hitchhiking bloodsuckers, known as bed bugs, to attach themselves to the clothing of movie patrons and ride home with them.

A growing problem

The SunHerald recently reported about a bed bug infestation at the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport, Mississippi. Moviegoers say they began itching while at a screening of “Unforgettable” at the theater. The manager gave the patrons some free movie passes and originally thought the problem might be an allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals used in the theater.

The Cinemark 16 is not the first movie theater to have a bed bug problem. Wherever there are people, there is a high probability that bed bugs are either already there or soon will be.

How to protect yourself

The NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators with Stern Environmental have a wide array of bed bug products to reduce the risk of bringing these worrisome pests into your home and to eliminate a bed bug infestation if it occurs. Follow us on social media to stay current on pest control news and contact us for a consultation with one of our NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators.

Bed Bug Bites Plagued Early Humans Too

We May have Evolved From the People Thousands of Years Ago, But We Still Face Many of the Same Problems.
We May have Evolved From the People Thousands of Years Ago, But We Still Face Many of the Same Problems.

In today’s fast-track world of people moving around using multiple forms of transportation, traveling to destinations around the world, or moving to a new home, bed bugs have become part and parcel of our lives.

While we may think these blood sucking vampire insects are new to the environment scene, current research has uncovered evidence in Oregon that the genus Cimex, goes as far back as 11,000 years.

Researchers doing archaeological digs at the eight Paisley Five Mile Point Caves recovered 14 specimens of cimicids, which are close relatives to bed bugs.

During the time period these insects were alive, cave dwellers also inhabited the caves seasonally. While bats living in the caves were the main source of food for the bugs, researchers conclude there is a high probability the bugs also fed on the humans.

In today’s world, humans are faced with three species of bed bugs. These include the Cimex lectularius, which is the most common, the Cimex hemipterus, which is a worldwide traveler but prefers the tropics, and the Leptoimex boueti, which resides in Africa.

Regardless of which species is making its presence known, each is problematic for humans.

If you’re experiencing a bed bug invasion, local NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators can handle it. With professional services and techniques, NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators can pinpoint the problem and take immediate action to clear your home of unwanted guests.

New Research on Fungal Biopesticides May Provide New Bed Bug Treatment

Fungal Spores: A Bio-Alternative to Bed Bug Extermination?
Fungal Spores: A Bio-Alternative to Bed Bug Extermination?

With the new pesticide-resistant strain of bed bugs, there has been a huge serge in bed bug infestations, especially along the east coast of the U.S. One of the deadliest new advancements in bed bug control is a completely non toxic, NYC bed bug freeze treatment. This method uses liquid CO2 to literally freeze bed bugs in their tracks.

As chilling as that may sound, it’s highly effective on contact and there is no post-treatment residue.

The New Wave

Fungal biopesticides are being explored as the new wave in bed bug control. Environmentally harmless fungus spores are administered into areas where bed bugs may live. When these spores come into contact with a bed bug, they burrow into their bodies and grow inside of the bug. Eventually, the bed bug is consumed and dies, releasing more spores that find other bed bugs to eat.

So far in testing, there has been a 95% success rate in killing off bed bug colonies, with no resistance seen. It is safe for humans and pets, and the spores can be spread around laying dormant until a bed bug walks by.

For More Information

For the latest in bed bug extermination and prevention, the NYC bed bug freeze treatment, or anything related to bed bugs in general, please contact Stern Environmental. We are the bed bug experts and have been serving the NYC area for nearly 20 years.

Will Super Lice be the New Scourge Replacing Bed Bugs?

Will Super Lice Replace Bed Bugs?
Will Super Lice Replace Bed Bugs as a Serious Problem?

While our NYC pest control professionals have been busy battling bed bug infestations, another pest has been getting harder to deal with. Head lice have been developing a resistance to over-the-counter treatments, leading them to be called super lice. How much of a threat are these lice?

A Growing Resistance

Head lice started showing signs of being resistant to OTC treatments back in the 1990s, but this resistance is becoming more widespread. In fact, researchers found that lice in 48 states now show mutations that have made them resistant to certain ingredients in OTC products, such as Nix. Scientists conducting another study found that the effectiveness of many OTC products for head lice infestations has declined in recent years. This study also found that home remedies are not as effective.

Effective Super Lice Treatments

Using prescription treatments for head lice that are resistant to OTC treatments is proving to be the most effective way to deal with these pests. However, these treatments might not work well if parents don’t follow the directions. As long as these products are used properly, they seem to be the best treatment for eliminating head lice and reducing the risk of having any come back.

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