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What to Know About the Nesting Habits of Raccoons in New Jersey

What to Know About Nesting Raccoons.
What to Know About Nesting Raccoons.

The black-masked critters roaming your yard or nesting in your attic have definitely earned their description as “bandits”. Raccoons are a cute-looking species with their black and gray striped coat, bushy tail, and their distinctive face mask. However . . .

Raccoons and Your Property

First and foremost, never attempt to remove raccoons on your own. They are wild animals and will protect themselves the same as you would do if cornered. It’s best to contact a NJ pest control professional to evaluate the situation, provide options, and/or humanely remove the raccoons to a more suitable location.

Raccoons are usually most active at night but they have been seen out and about during the day. When nesting, they look for quiet, dark, and secure dens, which could be under the house, in the attic, or in a shed or garage.

They’ll eat anything available, including grubs, and for the most part only need access to water and a safe place to raise their young. Their babies aren’t mobile for at least eight weeks, so if raccoons have set up a nest anywhere on your property, chances are mom won’t be able to move her babies any time soon.

With an inspection by a NJ pest control specialist from Stern Environmental, we can address your situation safely, and that includes removing nuisance raccoons. Give us a call and schedule an appointment to put an end to your raccoon problem.

Raccoons – A Real Problem for New Jersey Residents

Raccoons - A Real Problem for New Jersey Residents
Raccoons – A Real Problem for New Jersey Residents

Raccoons are cute and fuzzy, and you can’t deny that they’re fun to watch. However, that fun disappears once they have invaded your home. These pests can do a lot of damage once they’re inside, and it’s even worse when you’re dealing with a whole family of them. It’s not safe for you to handle them yourself. You need the help of a professional NJ pest wildlife removal team to take care of them.

Removing Raccoons Yourself

Raccoons can become dangerous if they feel they’re being threatened. Trying to take care of them on your own is never a good idea. You may even have one in your home that has been infected with rabies. If you’re bitten, it puts you at risk. Also, home remedies for removing raccoons are usually useless. You don’t want to waste your money on something that isn’t going to work.

How NJ Pest Wildlife Removal Can Help

At Stern, we know the best ways to remove raccoons from people’s homes. We may be able to use our one-way tunnel system that allows them out, but doesn’t allow them back into your home. This is a humane method that is completely safe; both for us and for you.

Raccoons can be a real headache. If they’ve invaded your home, all you need is a phone call to the pros to remedy the situation. Contact us today to get immediate help!

Are We Experiencing a NYC Raccoon Epidemic? The Stats Say Yes!

NYC Raccoon's
NYC Raccoon’s

Raccoons, like squirrels, are interesting critters and fun to watch, especially the babies that usually show no fear. Although entertaining, you do not want raccoons making your home, their home, under any circumstances.

The masked hombres are adept at setting up housekeeping in your attic and because they have a palate that allows them to eat just about anything humans do, they’ll stick around wherever food sources are available such as garbage cans. If you have a dog or cat and feed them outdoors, this is yet another available buffet to keep them in your home.

Raccoons also pose a problem when it comes to damaging your home. For raccoons, the old adage, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” definitely applies for finding an entry point into your home. Once inside, they can make a mess.

The curious critters pack very sharp teeth and aren’t afraid to use them especially if cornered or confronted. Another issue to consider is rabies. Raccoons have been known to carry the disease. While you may think the solution is to capture them yourself, it’s highly recommended that you leave the trapping and removing of raccoons to NYC raccoon control professionals for your own safety.

If you’re experiencing a problem with 4-legged masked bandits infiltrating your property, contact us at Stern Environmental Group. We have the NYC raccoon control specialists who know how to capture and remove raccoons humanely.