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What to Know About Attic Raccoons in New Jersey

Our One Way Tunnels Let Raccoons Out and Not Back Into Your Attic
Our One Way Tunnels Let Raccoons Out and Not Back Into Your Attic

Female raccoons, much like their human counterparts, have a strong nesting instinct when it comes to raising a family. But what happens when mama raccoon chooses your home for her nest? Here’s why NJ raccoon control is so important during nesting season.

What’s That Noise in the Attic?

If you discover a raccoon in your attic, chances are good that it’s a female who’s seeking a comfy home for her brood. While nesting season can vary in different parts of the country, March is usually the peak time for raccoon births. Unfortunately, male raccoons kill babies that don’t belong to them, which is another reason for females to seek shelter.

Unlike squirrels and other wildlife, raccoons don’t build elaborate nests. The mother raccoon will simply shred insulation in the attic until there’s a sufficient amount to burrow inside. Raccoons create “latrines” around nests for depositing their feces and urine, which often carry parasites and bacteria that pose a serious health threat to humans.

Maternal Instinct of Female Raccoons

If you find a raccoon prowling around your home, always assume there are babies nearby. Separating a mother from her brood is never a good idea, so it’s best to seek help from NJ raccoon control professionals for safe removal.

Safe and Humane NJ Raccoon Control by Stern Environmental

Our trained technicians have extensive experience removing raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife invaders. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

One-Way Tunnels Work Well to Keep Raccoons Out

One-Way Tunnels Work Well to Keep Raccoons Out
One-Way Tunnels Work Well to Keep Raccoons Out

Raccoons taking over your attic? Get rid of them quickly and easily with our effective one-way tunnels! The NJ raccoon removal pros at Stern Environmental have designed a one-way door that prevents these pests from re-entering your home.

One-Way Ticket

Our tunnels are a safe, humane means of NJ raccoon removal, kindly giving raccoons a one-way ticket to a new location. 

• No dangerous trapping or potential exposure to rabies/illness.

• No euthanasia.

• Faster than deterrent methods.

Safe & Rapid Raccoon Removal

Unlike using lights, talk music, used kitty litter and other deterrent methods, our one-way doors work quickly and effectively against urban wildlife. Installed by a Stern’s pest professional, these strong metal doors cannot be bent or broken by even the strongest raccoon. Installed at an entry/exit point, simply wait for evening when raccoons leave in search of food, and the one-way tunnel will bar their reentry.

Beware of DIY Imitations

Always use professionally-designed one-way doors with the assistance of a raccoon removal specialist. This is key to preventing raccoon babies from being left behind in your attic, which can lead to lasting, foul odors in living areas. Professional assistance ensures all animals are removed, your attic is cleaned of urine and feces, and  identification of dangerous damage (such as electrical).

We’ve got your one-way ticket to a dream destination: An attic without raccoons. Contact Stern Environmental to learn more about our one-way tunnel NJ raccoon removal services today.

Bad Weather Displace Urban Wildlife Chasing Animals Into Attics and Homes

Hurricanes and Storms May Leave Pests, Rodents and Animals without Homes
Hurricanes and Storms May Leave Pests, Rodents and Animals without Homes

The people of Houston, Texas got more than they bargained for when Hurricane Harvey struck their communities. Not only did they have to deal with the aftermath of the storm, but they also had to deal with displaced animal pests, rodents, and other pests.

For the families in Houston, it caused them many problems that most were not prepared to deal with. While we may not be dealing with the cleanup of hurricane damages in the Northeast, NJ wildlife control is on hand to help with any similar disasters that may occur here.

Help for Displaced Animals and Affected Families

This situation got way out of control for some people in this area. They were inundated with alligators, snakes, fire ants and other creatures. Of course, the animals and insects were at the mercy of the storm themselves. Many of them were looking for higher ground to escape the floodwaters that resulted from the hurricane. However, it was a very unfortunate situation.

How Our NYC and NJ Pest Wildlife Services Can Help Your Family

In the event of a storm in our local area, having to worry about pests and animals in your home or office should be the last thought on your mind. If you are ever in this situation, please know that here at Stern Environmental, we’re available to help you.

It’s comforting to know that you can call on professionals for assistance. If you would like to get more information on our services, please contact us today.

Raccoon Disease Strikes Baby and Teen in Brooklyn

An infant and a teen in Brooklyn were infected by a deadly and rare disease called raccoon roundworm. The cause of this disease is contact with the feces of raccoon, and it can result in perennial nerve damage and death. There are less than 30 cases of this disease in the entire US, and the symptoms usually show in about two to four weeks after contraction. The symptoms include loss of muscle control and coordination, nausea, and blindness.

The Brooklyn infant who contracted raccoon roundworm started experiencing spinal problems and seizures in October last year. Later on, the baby was hospitalized because of brain damage. In January this year, a teenager in Brooklyn was infected with the disease and became blind in the right eye. It is known that children who have developmental problems are more susceptible to the disease.

Sally Slavinski, a representative from a department of health that is concerned with the transmission of diseases from animals to human beings, advised parents to keep watch on their children when they are in places that have a raccoon population, so as to prevent contact with raccoon feces.

If you need to get rid of raccoons around your home, you can contact pest control experts in NY, NYC, and NJ.

NJ, NYC Raccoons Catching the Flu?

Perhaps some of the NJ and NYC raccoons living in sewer systems and other hiding places might be dealing with the flu while going through garbage cans. By experiments scientists have discovered that raccoons can actually get the flu. They can spread human types of influenza but probably not to people they encounter. 

One of the major concerns of scientists studying raccoons is that they can become infected with bird and human type flu viruses. In theory, they could have bird and a human flu virus at the same time which could create a new type of virus that is new to humans and could create a widespread disease or perhaps a pandemic.

These are scientific theories but raccoons have been living with humans for a long time in cities all over the country and so far it doesn’t seem that a powerful raccoon hybrid virus has been created.  If someone wants to sell you a pill For $300 to prevent a hybrid raccoon virus  from evaporating  your skin I suggest  it’s probably prudent not to acquire the pill.

If you are having problems with raccoons or other types of wildlife call a NJ, NYC wildlife control professional.