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NJ, NYC Raccoons – Beware of Diseases

NJ and NYC raccoons can cause infectious, parasitic as well as nutritional diseases in humans and pets. It ‘s not a  good idea for NJ and NYC residents to leave food out to feed the raccoons because it results in a large amount of raccoons living in urban areas. You may not be aware of how many raccoons are enjoying your treats and cat food and it might be more than the two you have spotted.

Urban raccoons can carry the dreaded Baylisascaris procyonis, which is a roundworm parasite. The parasites don’t harm the raccoons but they shed the parasite eggs in their fecal matter and other animals and humans can become infected with the terrible parasites.

Raccoons can actually shed millions of the parasite eggs each day and they tend to pile them up in the same area because they have their particular raccoon latrine which can be in your NJ, NYC backyard. The parasite eggs can contaminate the soil in your yard or water and can survive for months or perhaps years. NJ and NYC residents and pets acquiring Baylisascaris can get a debilitating disease. 

Let a NJ, NYC wildlife control professional take care of your raccoon and other wildlife problems.