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Why Do Squirrels Like Your Attic and Eaves?

Why Do Squirrels Like Your Attic and Eaves?

Squirrels are extremely adaptable to their environment especially when sharing that environment with humans.

In forested areas, squirrels have plenty of places to build nests, forage for food, and sharpen their teeth. When living in a neighborhood, their living space is limited as they must share the landscape with a house, shed, garage, and domestic outdoor pets.

Squirrels and Attics

One of the biggest attractions for urban squirrels is a cozy attic to hunker down in during the winter and as nesting places in the spring and summer.

Squirrels have two litters a year – March to May and July to August. During this time, moms-to-be are looking for a safe place to have their babies and a secure place to raise them.

As the babies mature, you’ll hear sounds emanating from the attic including chewing and scratching and the patter of feet. Unfortunately, squirrels love to chew and since they’re not in the forest, the next best thing is whatever is handy in your attic.

Along with chewing damage, there’s the mess that a group of baby squirrels can make. When your home is invaded, the best course of action is hiring a NJ squirrel removal pest service.

At Stern Environmental, we have NJ squirrel removal specialists with the knowledge and equipment to remove the squirrels from your home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and structural damage occurs. Call us today for an inspection.

Rare Squirrel Pack Attack Injures Three Year Old

Rare Squirrel Pack Attack Injures Three Year Old
Rare Squirrel Pack Attack Injures Three Year Old

Squirrels. They’re entertaining when they’re leaping, climbing and jumping from tree to tree. We’re intrigued by their inquisitiveness and expressive faces and think it’s cute the way they hold tidbits of food in their tiny paws and eat so daintily.

Many people set up squirrel feeding stations in their back yards and watch as they enjoy their snacks. Folks may even give them names and talk to them as they approach the feeders feeling as though they’re family pets.

Unfortunately, people tend to forget that squirrels are wild and potentially dangerous. They’re not domestic pets and should never be approached with that assumption. While they may come up close and seem as though they’re not afraid, this can result in trusting a wild critter when you shouldn’t.

Animals in the wild should be treated as such by being responsible, careful, and safe while in their natural habitat. Attempting to pet or hold a squirrel is dangerous and should be avoided. Hand feeding is also something you never want to attempt. It only takes one skittish or aggressive squirrel to leap and attack. Our NYC squirrel removal is your best solution, especially if children are at risk.

When squirrels make themselves at home in your house or yard, you need the professional services of a NYC squirrel removal specialist. At Stern Environmental Group, we can humanely remove unwanted wildlife with just a call to our office.

Squirrels at Mountain Campsite Test Positive for the Plague

Squirrels At Mountain Campsite Not So Cute Anymore
Squirrels At Mountain Campsite Not So Cute Anymore

Most people think of squirrels as cute and harmless wildlife critters that eat nuts and nest in trees. While this might be true in most cases, sometimes squirrels can be vectors for disease. Such is the case at both the Marion Mountain Campground and the Dark Canyon Campground in San Jacinto, California, where some of the squirrels have tested positive for bubonic plague.

Spread by Fleas

The plague, which was the Middle Ages disease that ravished Europe, is carried by fleas. Infected fleas bite animals or humans, thus spreading the disease. Although plague is easily cured by modern antibiotics, if left untreated it can cause serious complications including death.

No Known East Coast Carriers

On the east coast there are no known reports of plague-infected squirrels. However, as we know from squirrels at the two campgrounds cited above, they can become infected with plague and potentially become a health hazard, especially if they begin to nest in or on your house, home or apartment complex.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels do not belong in your living space! The best defense against any squirrel habitation where they don’t belong is through professional, humane NYC squirrel removal. For peace of mind, if you have a squirrel habitation problem contact the Stern Environmental Group. We are the NYC pest control and squirrel removal experts in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan areas with over 17 years experience.

Mysterious White Squirrel Causes a Sensation in Kentucky Town

White Squirrel Mania
White Squirrel Mania

You may think that if you have seen one squirrel you have seen them all, but the people in Bowling Green, Kentucky may beg to differ with NYC squirrel control.

Residents in Bowling Green are excited about unique members of their community, white squirrels. For years, the townspeople have increasingly embraced these adorable animals and celebrate them whenever possible.

The white squirrels of Bowling Green are a genetic morph of the common eastern gray squirrel and are usually quite rare, but there are a few towns across the United States that have a surplus, possibly due to fewer predators in the area and also if people tend to favor one color over the other, they may have a better chance of surviving and breeding.

White squirrels are easily spotted in the town, especially on the Western Kentucky University campus, where they know they are going to get some tasty snacks from employees, students or even visitors who have heard about these bright white creatures.

This phenomenon even caused WKU to create a brand-new mascot, Wally the White Squirrel, for their university sports teams, which has also generated incremental sales for baseball caps, clothing, water bottles and other items for the university that celebrate these little white squirrels.

Has a family of squirrels set up shop in your attic or yard? Contact Stern Environmental Group where our NYC squirrel control specialists provide humane wildlife removal services.

Eastern Grey Squirrels Thrive in New York City

The Squirrel Experts
The Eastern Grey Squirrel

In big city urban landscapes it isn’t unusual to find a diverse population of wildlife. In Manhattan, grey squirrels are populating the city and doing rather well.

In a study by Dr. Bill Bateman, grey squirrel behavior was the target of observation to determine the squirrels’ interaction with pedestrians using the same pathways in their chosen areas.

The study focused on whether squirrels held their ground, so to speak, when approached, whether direct eye contact made a difference in their decision to stay or flee, flight initiation distance, and how far each individual squirrel fled when approached.

It seems squirrels are quite adaptable when it comes to interacting with humans as a small percentage – 5 percent – moved off a sidewalk or pathway when a pedestrian approached and looked at them. In the squirrels eyes, this was predictable behavior. Interestingly enough, a whopping 90 percent moved away if the pedestrian moved off of the shared sidewalk while making eye contact because it was unpredictable.

More research is underway at Curtin and Murdoch University to study and understand how NYC squirrel control can be better adapted to maintain their habitat in urban environments while keeping both squirrels and humans sharing the same locations, safe.

If squirrels have invaded your territory and set up housekeeping, contact Stern Environmental Group. NYC squirrel control is just one of our many specialties when it comes to providing humane pest control.