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Rats and New York City – Unfortunately They Just Go Together

Rats and New York City - Unfortunately They Just Go Together
Rats and New York City – Unfortunately They Just Go Together

Rats have been around in New York City since the days it was first settled. So, as virtually every commercial pest control person will tell you, rats will continue to be around long after humans are gone. What that means is that we shouldn’t count on their elimination any time soon. However, we do have pest control methods that make it possible to control rat infestations in commercial environments.

Steps to Take

Commercial establishments, especially those that serve food and drinks, are always going to be magnets for rat infestations. After all, just like humans, rats need food and water to survive, so these are the places they will always look for first and foremost. But limiting these necessities, such as by cleaning up spilled food and mopping up liquids that get onto the floor, will take away the nutrition that rats need, so they will search for another place to find it.

Since they like basements and first floors, patch holes in the building, making sure doorway and window seals are tight. Plugging gaps around pipes where they enter a building will positively keep rats out.

Although you’ll never get rid of rats, you can keep them at bay. For questions about rats and commercial pest control, please contact us at Stern Environmental Group. We’re pest control experts and have been serving the NYC and New Jersey areas for over 17 years.

NYC Subway Rats Getting Bolder

Despite measures by the MTA to reduce the rat population in NYC subways, commuters are seeing more rats on the platforms. MTA board member Andrew Albert said that subway rats are getting bolder, and it is not uncommon to see them sitting on benches.

One of the main reasons why there are more rat sightings in the subways is increased interaction with humans. The construction works, water leaks, and a rise in the number of commuters also contribute to the increasing population of NYC subway rats. As a way to control the rat problem, baits are placed on the tracks throughout the system once every month, but this does not seem to be an effective solution. Albert said that subway rats can cause health problems, and more extensive efforts should be made to control their numbers.

Some of the stations where rat sightings are more common include West 4th Street, Spring Street on the C, Chambers Street on the A, Jay Street-Borough Hall, and several 34th Street and Upper West Street stops.