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Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?
Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Bed bugs have been known to elicit crazy reactions from people with infestations. However, where is the right place to draw the line? One man recently over-reacted when he was denied help for his bed bug problem. As your NYC bed bug specialists, we wanted to share this story with you.

An Extreme Bed Bug Problem

The story takes place in Augusta, Maine, where a man was denied assistance from code enforcement regarding a bed bug infestation in his home. When he had shown the bed bugs to his apartment manager, he was told he’d need to move out. Disgusted, he returned to the code enforcement office, once again, to ask for help. His request was denied and he was told he didn’t qualify for any assistance. That was when the situation took a turn for the worse.

An Act of Bio-Terrorism?

The man had a cup of bed bugs with him that day. He slammed the cup on the counter, causing about 100 bed bugs to scatter. The office had to close for the day while the area was treated for the blood-sucking pests.

What would you have done in this man’s situation? Fortunately, that’s a question you may not need to answer. Your NYC bed bug specialists are here to help you with your bed bug problem. When you contact us, we’ll be on the job right away, putting your mind at ease.

Office Cafeteria Pest Alert

Don't Feed Them
Don’t Feed Them

Coming into the fall season, pests begin to seek shelter from the coming winter months. In general, your office space, where you work, will generally be clean and clear of pests, winter or summer. But just like every household, pests target areas where there is food and water pest are eyeing it to move in. That means, in an office scenario, the cafeteria or the break room are prime pest magnets. If there is ever going to be a pest problem in your office, here is where it will all begin.

Cleaning is the Best Prevention

In any situation, if there is nothing to eat or drink, pests will go elsewhere. That’s why cleaning is so important. Food crumbs, grease spots, spills, and even leftover dishes in the sink or on tables, are all invitations that the food bell has rung and it’s time to eat. Once pests invade and become a breeding colony, no matter what type of pest it is, they will be incredibly difficult to eradicate. But, if you don’t give them an opportunity to nourish and flourish, they just won’t stick around.

If you believe there is a pest problem in your cafeteria, break rooms or anywhere else in the office, please contact the Stern Environmental Group. We are professionally trained to rid your office setting of any pest issues, and we can give you tips to help keep them out and keep them away.

Help Employees Keep From Spreading Bedbugs Into the Workplace

Bed Bug Infestations
Stop The Spread Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can easily be spread from an employee’s home to the workplace. Help prevent employees from accidentally bringing bed bugs into the workplace by following this advice from Stern Environmental the NYC bed bug experts.

Spread the Word About Bed Bugs

First, hold a meeting about the problem of bed bugs. Inform all your employees in a group setting about the problem. Explain how easy it is to inadvertently bring bed bugs into the work environment, and how quickly they can multiply. If possible bring in local NYC bed bug experts to conduct the meeting and answer questions.

Have the Office Treated for Bed Bugs

If you discover that an employee has bed bugs at home, it’s likely they may carry them into the workplace. Have the office surveyed and treated, repeatedly if necessary. Bed bug treatment is non-toxic to humans, and the investment in prevention will be worth it.

Have Employees Separate Garments Brought From Home

Bed bugs like to hide in the folds and creases of textiles. When an employee reports a bed bug problem at home, it’s best to separate their garments from the rest of the staff’s. Provide a separate closet that is cordoned off from the rest of the office. Ask them to keep their garments in a sealed plastic bag, just until they are cleared for bed bugs.

For bed bug extermination services for your commercial property, contact Stern Environmental today.

Top Office Pests to Watch For in September

Mouse Control
Office Pest To Watch For

Office pests cause enough trouble when an employee finds a mouse scurrying through the break room. If a visitor sees a roach, you might have just lost a big sale.

Commercial buildings are very attractive to fall pests because they offer hiding places with warmth for the winter ahead. If your building has a restaurant on the ground floor — or the neighboring businesses don’t take care of their garbage — be ready to call for commercial pest control.

Be on the lookout this fall for these pests especially:

  • Rodents. Mice and rats make employees squirm and scare away customers. Pest control can seal off the entry points, control the population, and make recommendations to make the office less attractive to rodents.
  • Cockroaches. Roaches usually come inside through plumbing and stay near wet areas, but they scavenge for food. Ask employees to keep the break room clean, and call for pest control to exterminate.
  • Stink bugs. These bugs can damage your office and inventory by leaving waste that stains. If you swat them, they emit a terrible odor.
  • Bed bugs. Don’t think offices are immune to bed bugs. They are most active in summer and fall. Call for bed bug extermination if you see one anywhere in the office!

Keep away the fall pests, and you’re less likely to have a winter infestation. Call Stern Environmental for office pest control in the New York City and  New Jersey areas.