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Bed Bugs: Pest Control Company Sprayed a Baby Crib with Banned Chemicals

The Boston Globe reported that a Brazilian national who operated an extermination company in Everett was arrested on charges of using chemicals banned indoors and for operating without certification. Citizens of New York City and New Jersey and elsewhere need to make sure they hire a quality pest control company for bed bug treatments.

His company used the agricultural pesticides malathion and carbaryl, which have been banned from indoor use for eradicating bed bugs in Everett and other cities. One of the tenant’s claimed that the company sprayed the harsh chemicals throughout her apartment including on her eight month old daughter’s crib.

The tenant reported she had to hire a cleaning company to clean the place and after all the spraying she still had bed bugs. She moved out of her apartment. No mention if her landlord reimbursed her for the cleaning cost.

The maximum penalty for violating the EPA regulation includes one year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine. Perhaps the fine should be higher.

Should an Apartment Building with a Prior Bed Bug Infestation be Rejected by People?

Bed bugs have become a significant factor in New York City. A lot of people seeking an apartment to rent are more concerned about the place being bed bug free than the cost of living there. This also occurs in New Jersey and many other locations.

Many New York City residents will reject a building if the landlord admits the structure did have a bed bug problem. However, if the landlord addressed the bed bug issue, hired a competent  pest control company to get rid of the critters that can be seen as a positive for the apartment building.

Just because a landlord or a apartment manager says the apartment building has never had a bed bug infestation doesn’t make it true. He could be lying or simply unaware of the infestation.

If an individual moves into a building and later a bed bug infestation occurs perhaps the landlord won’t effectively take care of the problem. Renters and buyers should see if the building owner has an active, professional, comprehensive bed bug extermination program and regularly inspects for bed bugs.