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Keep Fall Pests From Moving into Your Building

Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter
Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter

Along with beautiful fall weather, cool temperatures, colorful leaves and holiday events, there’s also an on-going parade of unseen pests making their way inside your home or business in preparation for winter temps.

Preventing Fall Pests

Fall pests include a variety of visitors from beetles and bugs to mice and assorted wildlife. All are on the hunt for a warm place to snuggle down when the temperatures drop.

There are quite a few things you can do that will prevent pests from entering the premises.

• Seal and/or repair any openings into your home such as replacing deteriorated weather stripping around doors and windows.

• Repair any damaged screens in windows and doors.

• Add a door sweep to prevent entry.

• Install screens on openings to chimneys and attic vents. Both are invitations for visitors.

• Caulk outside cracks and crevices using standard caulk or steel wool. Pests are savvy and can squeeze through small openings.

• If you use firewood, store it away from your home.

• For those who enjoy feeding the birds and squirrels, or provide a dish of food for outside pets, remove any uneaten food.

• Don’t leave water standing around. Like food, pests need water too.

• Hire the services of a NYC pest control company.

If your building is experiencing an influx of unwanted fall residents, contact our knowledgeable staff at Stern Environmental. Our NYC pest control technicians know how to evict and eliminate seasonal pests.

Green Pest Control – Is the “Knock-Down” Wait Warranted?

Green Pest Control
Green Pest Control

The traditional way to handle pests is by spraying them with chemicals that are designed to kill them. While this can be an effective way to deal with pests on the premises, it can have serious health consequences for humans and animals.

Safer Pest Control Options

Green pest control provides a more effective and safer way to get rid of pests in and around buildings. This type of pest control involves using nontoxic forms of treatment to destroy pests that have already infested a building. It also involves taking steps to ensure that no more pests can enter the building and taking preventive measures to lower the risk of infestations in the first place.

Our NJ green pest control company uses integrated pest management, which focuses on finding out why pests are entering a building and discouraging them from doing so. For example, buildings might have bug infestations due to a water leak or due to food items being left around. Fixing the leak or ensuring that no food items are left out means that pests are less likely to come in. This can help prevent infestations or lower the risk of having existing infestations become even larger and more difficult to control.

If you’d like to know more about NJ green pest control, please contact Stern Environmental. We offer nontoxic forms of pest control and effective methods for keeping pests away.

Tips to Squirrel-Proofing Your Yard; Making Your Home Less Attractive

Keep Pests Out
Squirrel Proofing Your Yard

While watching the squirrel show in your backyard is entertaining, these frisky acrobats can become too much of a problem if left to their own devices. When this happens, you’ll need to enlist the help of NJ squirrel control specialists.

Squirrel-Proofing Your Yard

Before the marauding squirrels take over your landscape, there are a few things you can do to make homesteading for the furry creates less attractive.

  • If you enjoy feeding the birds, you’re setting up an open buffet for squirrels, too. To prevent squirrels from eating birdseed, place a squirrel guard directly beneath the feeder. The slick material prevents squirrels from gripping the guard and prevents easy access to the food.
  • Set bird feeders away from fences, trees, or storage buildings. As you already know, squirrels are adept at climbing and leaping tall places in a single bound.
  • If you have trees that provide food for squirrels such as acorns and berries, remove the fallen food from your yard. If there’s no food supply, chances are, the squirrels will seek other locations.
  • Use only garbage cans with squirrel-proof lids.
  • Motion-activated sprinklers are a good way to relocate squirrels.
  • Squirrel repellent made of natural ingredients is a good deterrent.

When squirrels are out of control, our NJ squirrel control specialists at Stern Environmental Group can handle the situation with humane trapping. Contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment to relocate your resident squirrels, ASAP.


Do You Use Storage Facilities? How to Protect Your Goods from Pests

Don't Let Mice and Rats Move In
Keeping Pests Out Of Storage

Self-storage facilities are extremely susceptible to pest infestations. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to protect your customer’s property at your storage center.

Encourage Customers to store stuff safely:

  • Avoid attention.
    Attractants such as food, live plants, bags, boxes and paper goods are attractive to pests and increase your risk of infestation.
  • Tighten up.
    Air and watertight plastic containers are superior to cardboard for preventing infestation, and raised pallets prevent pests from hiding underneath items. Covering holes with silicon caulk around pipes and wires discourages infestation as well.
  • Take out the trash.
    Clean items prior to packing and keep your storage area clear of trash.
  • Inspect.
    Routine professional pest inspections can prevent the spread of infestation, as can examining items thoroughly before moving them back to your home. If you notice infestations, notify the facility manager ASAP.
  • Stay dry.
    Eliminate moisture in and around units, as it attracts pests.
  • Landscape.
    Keep pest-harboring trees, bushes and weeds trimmed and well away from storage areas.

Be on guard against these top pests:

  • Rodents
    Gnawing causes severe damage in short time, and droppings pose a significant health risk.
  • Roaches
    Spread a host of human diseases including 33 types of bacteria and 6 parasitic worms, and can live for a month without food!
  • Bedbugs
    Excellent hitchhikers. Can live for more than a year without blood meal and withstand temperature extremes from nearly freezing to 122 degrees.

Self-storage stowaways taking over your property? Contact Stern Environmental today!

Squirrel Removal Can Save Your Attic

… and your mind!

If you are hearing scratching noises in the walls, tiny footsteps on the ceiling or echoing from the vents, you may think you’re going mad. You can put your mind at ease somewhat, for what you are experiencing may not be bats in your belfry, but instead, squirrels in your attic. It’s important to take squirrel control measures quickly, for these playful, scampering rodents can wreak havoc in very little time.

Shelter From the Storm

Squirrels don’t hibernate, but in winter they will look for a suitable spot out of the elements. If they find an opening along the roof line or soffit into your attic, they will make themselves right at home. Insulation makes great nesting material and they may stay into the spring when it’s time to start a family.

From Nuisance to Threat

Squirrels are rodents, and as such, bring with them the same unsavory traits as their cousins. They can carry in fleas, ticks and lice. Urine and fecal matter cause odor and bacteria, damaging insulation and ceiling materials. Even worse, squirrels chew anything they can find, including rafters, drywall and electrical wiring.

Protect your home or business from the damage squirrels can cause. The experts at Stern Environmental Group can help with humane squirrel control and removal.