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Integrated Pest Management for Cockroach Control in NYC

Cockroach infestation is a very common problem in NYC’s public housing areas. More than 90% of residents in city-owned housing projects in Brooklyn and East Harlem have seen cockroaches in their apartments. The traditional method of using pesticides to get rid of cockroaches will result in increased exposure to toxic chemicals, which can be detrimental to health. A healthier solution will be to take management measures to keep cockroaches out of apartments for an extended period of time.

Integrated pest management is not only a healthier way to get rid of cockroaches; it is also more effective and affordable. Residents only need to hire pest management professionals once every six months, and these professionals will clean the apartments, seal cracks, and set up bait traps to control cockroach infestation. According to studies, the population of cockroaches in apartments that received a single visit from integrated pest management professionals was reduced by 75% after just three months.

If you are experiencing cockroach problems in your home, you can contact pest control experts in NY, NYC, and NJ.

Interesting Pest Control Info in PMP Magazine

The Pest Management Professional, or PMP, magazine is one of the leading pest control magazines in the world. It provides extensive information on various aspects of pest control, and it is invaluable to those who are in need of good pest control advice as well as those who own pest control businesses.

The cover stories in the magazine are written by experts in the pest control industry, and they offer great information on a wide range of pest control-related topics, including the natural characteristics of pests, management of pest control businesses, environmental concerns of pest control, and others. The magazine also features success stories and interviews with pest control experts, and it offers useful pest management tips and information about the latest pest control events, products, and technologies as well.

The Pest Management Professional magazine provides all the information you need to get rid of pest infestation in your home. Whether it is a cockroach infestation or termite infestation, you will find the solution in the PMP magazine. You can check out the PMP blog to find out the latest developments in the pest control industry.