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Integrated Pest Management – The Best Defense is Prevention

Our Integrated Pest Management Can Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business
Our Integrated Pest Management Can Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business

Keeping a building safeguarded against insects and rodents is an ongoing job but one that can be easily managed by facility managers with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

About Integrated Pest Management

As managers responsible for the cleanliness of a building already know, ensuring a high level of sanitation is a daily process. To help managers stay on top of the frequent issues that arise with building cleanliness and the prevention of pests, a short checklist can ensure a smooth running operation.

– Inspection – your first step in securing the integrity of the building’s cleanliness is a thorough inspection. Facility managers should look for any areas in need of repair such as the roof, vents, and other entry points that rodents and insects can squeeze through.

– Partner with a local NJ pest control company to inspect areas that could be potential pest-friendly hide-outs.

– Landscaped areas are also a cozy place for nesting pests and hideaways for foraging rodents.

– Storage areas, trash bins, and dumpsters are areas that need to be regularly checked.

– Entryways are an easy way for pests to get inside if there are gaps that need sealing.

– Facility cleaning crews should be kept up-to-date on proper cleaning methods.

For help with pest prevention, our professional pest control technicians are ready to tackle any problems. To schedule an inspection with our team of NJ pest control specialists, contact us at Stern Environmental Group.

Flies Landing on Food in a Restaurant Can Cause Serious Risks to Patrons’ Health

You're Not the Only One Who Liked Your Food. Flies do too.
You’re Not the Only One Who Likes Your Food. Flies do too.

Flies are a part of life, and they are generally considered nothing more than annoying little pests. This is especially true during the summer months during picnics, bar-b-cues, or even sitting around outside having snacks. Those pesky little critters love the food as much as you do, and it’s almost a constant ordeal shooing them away as they buzz around your food.

Flies Are Nasty

What you may not know, or may not want to know, is that flies have the potential to carry a host of bacteria and diseases in and on their bodies, and virtually every NYC pest control company knows this. From feeding on fecal matter, rotten food, dead animals or other yukky stuff, flies can transfer all of these disgusting tidbits to the food you’re eating when they land on it. That means flies are nasty every which way you think about them.

What Can You Do?

In many situations, not much. If you’re serving a party with a lot of food set out on tables, flies are going to zero in on the goodies. Your best tactic is to keep the food covered as much as you can, and if possible cut off any portion that a fly has landed on.

If you have any questions about flies and what to do about them, contact the best in NYC pest control, Stern Environmental. Serving the NJ and NYC area.

Little-Known Pest Prevention Tricks for Businesses

Spraying  insecticide on cockroach
Prevent Pests In Your Business

Hopefully your business already takes simple steps to keep bugs and rodents away. Every business should be throwing away garbage regularly. Restaurants must store food in places where rodents can’t go. But what else can you do? Pests seem to show up at commercial properties even if you keep the place clean.

Here are some lesser-known tips for commercial pest prevention:

Drainage: Insects need water more than you might think! Take care of leaky plumbing. If water collects near the building’s foundation or entryways, clean out the gutters and consider upgrading the drainage system. Shovel away snow before it turns into standing water.

Air ducts: Many pests find the perfect home in a building’s duct work. If there are leaks, things get worse. Take care air ducts and other infrastructure that may need cleaning.

Clear the floors: Restaurants are not the only type of business that needs to keep food, boxes, and other items a few feet above the ground. With clear floors, cleaning is much easier and pests have fewer places to hide.

Talk to employees: This may seem obvious, but many employers try to avoid the topic altogether. Make sure that all staff members know best practices.

Prevention just might save your business from an embarrassing infestation! For the best results, contact Stern Environmental Group about commercial pest service including weekly, semi-weekly or monthly treatments.