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Integrated Pest Management – The Best Defense is Prevention

Our Integrated Pest Management Can Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business
Our Integrated Pest Management Can Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business

Keeping a building safeguarded against insects and rodents is an ongoing job but one that can be easily managed by facility managers with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

About Integrated Pest Management

As managers responsible for the cleanliness of a building already know, ensuring a high level of sanitation is a daily process. To help managers stay on top of the frequent issues that arise with building cleanliness and the prevention of pests, a short checklist can ensure a smooth running operation.

– Inspection – your first step in securing the integrity of the building’s cleanliness is a thorough inspection. Facility managers should look for any areas in need of repair such as the roof, vents, and other entry points that rodents and insects can squeeze through.

– Partner with a local NJ pest control company to inspect areas that could be potential pest-friendly hide-outs.

– Landscaped areas are also a cozy place for nesting pests and hideaways for foraging rodents.

– Storage areas, trash bins, and dumpsters are areas that need to be regularly checked.

– Entryways are an easy way for pests to get inside if there are gaps that need sealing.

– Facility cleaning crews should be kept up-to-date on proper cleaning methods.

For help with pest prevention, our professional pest control technicians are ready to tackle any problems. To schedule an inspection with our team of NJ pest control specialists, contact us at Stern Environmental Group.

Landlords Beware! Prevent Pest Infestations before They Cause Legal Problems

Prevent Infestations
Prevent Infestations

From the landlord perspective, it’s reasonable to expect your tenants to take care of their own apartments — but the law requires a habitable home, including a pest-free environment.

In many cases, your tenant may be able to withhold rent, break the lease, or demand that you pay for pest control services. By the time the situation has boiled over into housing court, the costs run far higher than commercial pest management programs to prevent infestations.

Be Proactive and Hire a Professional

Landlords may be tempted to take the DIY route and treat a unit on their own. Laws in New York and other states, however, state that you must be a licensed exterminator to treat apartments.

Using the wrong chemicals or too much of them can result in additional health risks. For prevention and extermination, you need a commercial pest management company to determine the best course of action.

Beware of Bed Bugs

In the New York and New Jersey area, bed bugs continue to attack and infest multi-unit dwellings in great numbers. Tenants are very likely to raise a legal battle over bed bug problems in apartments because of the health risks and property damage involved. Put things on lockdown and hire a bed bug exterminator.

Untreated pest infestations can lead to enormous legal costs and damaged reputations for landlords. Before the problem grows, talk to Stern Environmental Group about treatment services for landlords.