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Bed Bugs Mattress Encasements Tests Results

Whether you have NYC bed bugs or you’re living with bed bugs in Montana or perhaps the northeast corner of Iowa it’s a good idea to get a high quality bed bug encasement for your mattress and box spring so they get trapped inside the mattress and starve to death. If you don’t have bed bugs, the mattress encasement makes a great barrier to keep bed bugs from making a vacation resort out of your mattress (They show up without being invited).

According to a notable bed bug website (ours is a very notable bed bug website!)  tests were performed on six mattress encasements that were touted to be bed bug proof. In a critical test only three of the bed bugs mattress encasements stopped “first instar nymph bed bugs” aka “little annoying critters” from escaping from a completely closed zipper end stop.

However, there was a winner, Protect-A-Bed AllerZip. It was able to prevent the bed bugs from escaping even when the zipper was not completely closed (it happens). No, it was not half-way open. The product features a special BugLock that makes it stand out from the competition.

We don’t want to puff out our chests but we have been offering Protect-A-Bed mattress encasements  (with BugLock zipper protection) here for quite awhile. Also, they don’t make loud crinkle noises.