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Rats and Garbage – Fueling the Spread of Dangerous Typhus in Los Angeles

RatLos Angeles could use the services of NJ pest control technicians in their battle against rats, which are creating a massive health problem for the city.

Typhus Zone

The downtown district near Ceres Street – dubbed Skid Row – and surrounding city blocks (totaling 54) have become a breeding spot for rats and typhus. With over 4,000 homeless people making the streets their home combined with the trash, human waste, discarded food, and clothing, it has earned the name “typhus zone. ”

The number of typhus cases has escalated to 92 since the summer. Some of the cases are in Pasadena and in Long Beach. Overall, the county has estimated around 60 cases each year, which has also increased to double what the county has experienced in past years. This is according to data from the Los Angeles Health Department.

In an effort to clean up the area, the city is using all available resources, such as increasing garbage pickup and utilizing a task force to clean sidewalks.

Rat Prevention

To help prevent a rat infestation in your home or yard, keep food sources unavailable, protect outdoor pets with a preventative flea regimen, and seal entry points to your home. For added prevention, employ the services of a NJ pest control company to inspect and eliminate any current or potential pest problems. Call Stern Environmental to find out more about the processes available to make your home rat-free.

In Seattle, Rats Are Entering Homes Through Toilet Pipes

Prevent This Opportunist Today!
Prevent This Opportunist Today!

Imagine, if you will, hearing a splashing sound in a rest room toilet, and when you inspect what the sound might be, you find a rat swimming inside of the toilet bowl!

That may sound amusing, unless you’re the person who actually discovers the swimming rat, yet this is not an uncommon occurrence. Rats can and do swim up waste pipes into businesses or homes, and exit the pipes through the toilet bowl.

Drain Pipe Food Trail

As everyone knows, rats occupy sewage pipes in virtually every municipality across the nation. Tons of food waste is washed into the sewage system where rats live, and sometimes they will literally follow a food trail that occurs when food items are washed down drains.


Rats are opportunists, and if they can locate a trail of food, they will follow it wherever it leads. As they make their way up drain pipes, they can only follow the pipes that are large enough to let their bodies fit through, and in most cases the larger toilet drains become their highway. They must exit somewhere to get air, which is why they end up in a toilet bowl.

Flushing the toilet will generally send the rat back to where it came from. But if you want to do more, contact Stern Environmental. For NJ and NYC rodent control, we are the experts.

How to Prevent Rats from Getting into Your Home?

Rats are destructive creatures that can cause serious damage to homes. These creatures will go anywhere to find the three things that they need for survival, which are food, water, and shelter. If you want to prevent rats from entering your home, it is essential that you make sure that these three things are not available to them.

To protect your food from rats, you should store them in metal containers. Remove all the trash that is found in the yard and keep your garbage in metal containers. You should also clean away any spilled food on the floor, tables, and clothes.

To ensure that rats do not have access to water in and around your home, you have to get rid of rainwater that is collected in window wells, containers, and garden pots. It is also important to repair pipes that are leaking as well as damaged pipes that lead to your home.

You can keep rats at bay by sealing off all openings that are found around your home. It is best to use metal or concrete when you are rat-proofing your home, because rats can gnaw through wood.