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Mice Seek Indoor Shelter when Weather Turns Cold

Mice and rats start looking for cozier accommodations when the weather starts to turn cold. With the arrival of fall, New York and New Jersey home and business owners may begin to notice signs of rodent activity, particularly inside garages, storage sheds, warehouses and kitchen areas.

The discovery of small brown or black fecal pellets on shelves, counter tops or inside cupboards are often the first sign of a rodent invasion. Mice are incontinent, leaving germ-laden waste wherever they scurry. Dried droppings pose their own health threat when pulverized particles are wafted into the air and breathed in. Only last year, an outbreak of potentially deadly Hantavirus that killed 3 people was traced to a mouse infestation in camping tents at Yosemite National Park.

Mice and rats are attracted to indoor spaces by food, water and warmth. Their ability to squeeze through small openings — a mouse can squeeze through a dime-sized opening — makes mice difficult to keep out. And once they get in, their prodigious reproduction rates — a single female can produce as many as 60 pups a year — can quickly lead to a major infestation.

The trick to halting rodent invasions is to pinpoint and block entry and exit points. Stern uses the innovative rodent Track & Trap system to locate entry points and stop mouse and rat invasions in their tracks.

Smart Rodent Tracking System Allows Fast Extermination

When rodents move into New York City commercial buildings, the toughest part of extermination is figuring out how they’re getting in. Mice can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime, and rats can enter NJ buildings through small holes the size of a quarter which can make these disease-carrying vermin difficult to exterminate. An innovative product called Track & Trap mouse and rat control system takes the guesswork out of finding and eliminating all rodent ingress and egress points, allowing Stern’s knowledgeable rodent extermination experts to eliminate commercial rodent problems quickly and effectively.

How Track & Trap Works

Bait stations coated with a fluorescent chemical are placed in rodent activity areas. As mice or rats come to feed, the fluorescent chemical adheres to their feet and bodies, causing them to leave a trail as they move in and out of commercial buildings. Several days after bait station installation, Stern’s rodent extermination experts return with a special UV light that illuminates rodent trails, allowing our rat and mouse control experts to seal entry points, locate and remove nests and set traps where they will be most effective.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Don’t let rodents nibble away at your business reputation. Nip New York City and northern New Jersey rodent problems in the bud with Stern’s rodent control solutions.

Cockroaches, Rats Found at NYC School Cafeterias

Your children aren’t the only ones grabbing lunch at New York City school cafeterias. Rats and cockroaches may also be feasting on cafeteria mac and cheese and hot dogs. In an NBC New York review of health code violations, most city school cafeterias passed periodic health inspections with flying colors. However, some city schools, including public schools in Bushwick, Harlem, Bensonhurst and Far Rockaway, were cited by the public health department for rats in the food area, cockroaches, flying insects, liquid waste, contaminated food, inadequate hand-washing facilities and other stomach-churning violations.

A number of the schools took responsible action and received passing marks when reinspected, but a few schools (NBC singled out Bensonhurst and Far Rockaway)  actually fared worse on repeat inspections. When interviewed by NBC, parents of students expressed “shock” and “horror.”

Mice, rats and cockroaches are persistent problems in large metropolitan areas like New York City. These noxious pests carry and spread dangerous diseases and their feces and dried droppings can cause serious health problems, including childhood asthma and deadly Hanta virus.

Stern Environmental provides expert commercial rat and mouse exterminating services and superior  commercial cockroach control services. Introduced to fight bed bugs, our cutting-edge Cryonite insect treatment system has proved to also offer extremely effective, non-toxic extermination of cockroaches and other insects.

When pests invade, call Stern Environmental for fast and effective action.

Rats Continue To Thrive In NYC Report NYC Pest Control Expert

Rats both big and small continuing to run around the streets of New York City is no secret report NYC pest control professionals.  Despite the extreme amount of rats littering New York subway systems, alleyways, dumpsters, trash cans, parks, restaurants, businesses and homes, the cries for help from residents appear to be answered at a snail’s pace in the city.

In 2011, the New York City’s Department of Health, which manages rat control in the in the City, cut sixty three pest control workers jobs from the payroll.  The loss of jobs has saved the city $1.5 million in salaries each year.  The ones who have benefitted most from the loss of those important, and let’s face it…unpleasant jobs, are the rats that don’t have nearly enough people trying to do them in or helping home or business owners successfully eradicate the filthy pests.

According to an article written in DNAinfo.com New York on July 20, 2012, Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President and City Councilman wants to increase the pressure on the Department of Health so that the rodent problems within the city will be addressed quickly.  Reports are that on August 15th at 2:00 p.m., building management, staff, and owners are invited to learn the newest information in controlling rats and what the “best practices” are.  Attendees are invited to come to Community Board 7 at 250 W. 87th Street in New York City.

Brazen rats are responsible for causing a host of different damages to any place that they infest.  They are vectors of dangerous diseases that cause harm to humans and pets.  Although it is important to be educated about rat infestations, it is recommended that you call a NYC pest control professional for expert rat removal services instead of tackling these snaggle tooth pests yourself.

Invading Rats And Mice Cause Trouble For NYC Businesses

Rats have been a problem in New York City since people, boats and goods began arriving in the area report NYC pest control professionals.  These critters need three things for survival…food, water, and safe living quarters.  Rat and mice infestations survive quite well in the controlled environment of commercial establishments, businesses, and warehouses.

Because many business establishments are not open 24 hours a day/7 days per week, rats and mice have the opportunity to easily infest a building or business and operate uninterrupted.  Storage facilities and restaurants that house large amounts of food products are highly susceptible to rat and mice populations.  While these locations remain quiet during the nighttime hours, rats and mice are able to chew and claw their way into precious food supplies, contaminating all that they touch.  It is estimated that rats and mice contaminate 20% of all of the food sources in the world.

Rats and mice are resourceful creatures.  They don’t care much about what they eat report NYC pest control professionals.  Rats and mice are typically nocturnal creatures, but will come out during the daytime hours if they are in need of food or water, or if their nesting area has been disturbed.

Stop by our website to read about our innovative “Track & Trap” system.  Invading mice don’t stand a chance when we use this device as we are able to track their every move which enables us to see where their entry points are and their nesting place is.  We can safely remove mice in no time at all by using the Track & Trap.