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Beware…Rat Poison Killing More Than Rats In NYC Report NYC Pest Control Pros

RatRats continue to be a problem throughout New York City, seemingly in even more ways than people originally thought. Besides infesting restaurants, office buildings, homes and alley-ways, large populations of rats can even be found throughout New York City parks.

There are different methods to eliminate NYC rat infestations being utilized throughout the city. The options include live traps, glue traps, snap traps, and electronic rat stations. Most people are not fond of live traps because they must then relocate the unharmed trapped rat to a new location far away from its nesting site.

Glue traps are commonly used, but often times, a clever rat is able to escape from the glue trap by wiggling free or even chewing its own foot off to free itself. For the faint of heart, the sounds that a rodent makes when stuck to the glue trap can be difficult to endure. Snap traps and electronic rat stations are a fast and immediate rodent kill.

Some people choose to use poison to try to rid their homes or business of rat infestations.  Rodent poisons have proven to be effective at killing rats, but they are also extremely toxic to humans, pets and other wild animals. CBS News reported on March 10, 2012 that three seemingly healthy and uninjured hawks have recently been found dead in NYC parks.  Hawks provide some relief in the war against NYC rats as they are one of their favored meal choices. It is suspected that the hawks were poisoned by eating rats that had consumed rat poison. The NYDailyNews.com reported on April 10, 2012, that suspicions were indeed correct. A necropsy found traces of rat poisoning in the liver of the latest hawk that was discovered in Central Park according to the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Traps alone cannot control rodent populations. Disease ridden NYC rats won’t leave on their own; a New York City pest control professional is needed to eradicate these pests.

NYC Rats Still Running Amuck In The City

Rats living in New York City are as common as people are say NY pest control professionals.  Some experts even believe that for every New York resident, there is a rat living somewhere in a building, park, subway, restaurant, apartment, alley way, or burrow.  Walk the streets late at night and there’s no doubt that New York City rats continue to thrive as they scamper from trash can to trash can searching for a tasty meal.  Any morsel of food dropped on the street serves as a feast to the always hungry rat in the city.

Rats are a particular problem in areas where home and business owners are dumping plastic bags curbside instead of placing them into tightly covered trash cans.  Rats have strong teeth and claws which can easily rip open plastic bags enabling them to gain access to food waste products.  Once inside, it is a variable smorgasbord which attracts many rats in the area.  Even when trash receptacles are used, failing to properly seal them will result in an invasion of filthy disease ridden rats.

The New York Daily News reported on April 5, 2012 that the City New York City Health Department has released their new figures for rat hotspots in the city.  Although the numbers are a bit better than they were in 2010, clearly more work needs to be done to eradicate these vermin as they still pose a serious threat to New York City residents.  You may read the article here.

Don’t wait for the City Health Department to make a visit to your home requiring that you take action against pesky rats.  Hiring a licensed NYC pest control professional with experience in rat removal services will get rid of disease carrying vermin quickly.  Call Stern Environmental Group today for fast rat eradication services.

Rat Infestations Are For The Birds!

For the rat lovers in the world, reports are that domestic rats make wonderful pets.  In the Indian city of Deshnoke, rats are revered at the Karni Mata temple.  There people believe that if you eat food or drink water that has been touched by these rats, you will be blessed.  Their wild cousins however are not so welcome in homes and businesses in New York City say NYC pest control experts.

In the United States non-domesticated rats are considered to be pests.  It is widely believed that wild rats originated in Asia and were inadvertently transported via ships to other parts of the world.  There are two types of wild rats:

• The Norway rat or brown rat grows to be about 10 inches long with a tail that is shorter than the rest of its body.

• The roof rat or black rat will grow to about 8 inches long with a tail that is always longer than the body.

These rats are prolific breeders.  Female rats are ready to begin breeding when they are about 3 to 4 months of age.  Once pregnant, the females will give birth in about 21 days.  During her one year life, a female rat can produce up to 7 litters per year. Each litter will have between 6 and 22 babies.  Wow!

Rats are aggressive and adaptable creatures.  They are on the constant lookout for food, water, and shelter, which makes human habitats the perfect place for rats to hang their hat.  Outdoors, rats live in burrows that are located near their food source.

Besides contaminating everything that they touch, rats are known carriers of a variety of diseases that are dangerous to humans.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat- Bite Fever, and the Plague are common reasons that rats tend to cause panic in humans. Don’t let rats come in and threaten the health and safety of your home or business. Contact a New York City pest control expert for expert rat removal services!

NYC Rats Are Not A Problem For A Good Pest Professional

New York City pest control professionals report that rats continue to thrive on the streets of New York. Rats are so common of an occurrence within the city that some people estimate  that there are more rats living in NYC than there are humans. As darkness falls, the rats  come out to play. They scurry up and down streets and alleys, looking for a tasty morsel of food that was dropped by humans.

Not fearful in the slightest, you can find rats foraging in trash cans and large garbage bins throughout the city. They inhabit playgrounds, parks, apartments, homes, restaurants, offices, and of course the New York City subway system.

The mere sight of a rat can bring fear and often flight when a person sees their budging eyes, long scaly tale, large body, or pointed teeth. The fear of rats is real. Called Musophobia, it is one of the most common phobias in the United States. Musophobia can be triggered by a variety of different experiences with rats or mice. People report having this phobia when they see a rat or mouse on the television or in the movies, when they smell rats or mice, when they hear jokes about them, or when they are in the same room with the pests.

Just as people vary, so do the symptoms and reactions for those that suffer from this phobia. Some folks are mildly bothered while others suffer from sweating, rapid heartbeat, shaking, nausea, and shortness of breath.

Rats can become dangerous when they enter your home as they are known disease carriers. Additionally the razor sharp teeth of a rat are able to chomp into sealed food sources. Rats will contaminate food and food preparation areas as they leave urine and feces behind in their path. A NYC pest control professional can help determine where the rats are gaining entry and will provide fast rat removal services.

NYC Pest Control For Mice & Rat Control

New York City pest control professionals say that mice and rats running loose in or around a home or business are a serious health threat.  Rodent droppings carry dangerous viruses that are known to cause serious illnesses in humans.

Once rodent droppings are discovered, you should contact a licensed pest control expert who will devise a plan to trap the invading rodents.  There are various rodent traps that can be used:  traditional snap trap, glue trap, electronic trap, ultrasonic rodent control, humane mice control trap (catch and release), and rodenticides (rat/mouse poison).  Consumers and pest control experts likely have a preference as to which one is their favorite device to use.

It should be noted that reports vary as to how effective the ultrasonic rodent control device performs.  Recent studies have shown that rats and mice quickly become accustomed to the noise emitted and don’t mind living with the sound waves that they hear.  Using rodenticides without proper training can be very problematic for home and business owners.  Rats and mice will eat the poison and can then be attacked and consumed by household pets or wildlife, which will then become poisoned as well.  In addition, many times rats and mice consume rodenticide products and then scurry off into attics, crawl spaces, wall voids, and behind cabinets where they meet their demise.  The smell from their decomposing bodies can be unbearable to live with and impossible for a business to explain away to customers.

A New York City pest control technician will be able to fully eradicate mice or rats that have invaded your home or business by using the most up-to-date monitoring and trapping techniques.  For expert pest control services in New York or New Jersey contact Stern Environmental Group.