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More Dangerous Pesticide Usage Exposed In NYC

On the heels of last week’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report about the dangers associated with the improper use of insecticides to control bed bug infestations, more information has surfaced about dangerous pesticides being used in New York City to control vermin.

New York City pest control companies continue to see an increase in rat populations throughout the New York City area.  Many people attribute the rising numbers to the fact that the city health department laid off 75% of its pest control staff in 2010.  New York City’s 311 line received 10,500 citywide complaints of rats in 2010, which was more than 5% higher than the complaints logged in 2009.  Rodent complaints for 2011 are up 10% since 2010.  It’s no wonder that people are becoming desperate to be free of these disease carrying pests!

According to the New York Times article dated September 23, 2011, some immigrants are using dangerous pesticides from their homelands as a weapon against troublesome vermin in New York City.  “Tres Pasitos” or “Three Little Steps” is being bought on the black market.  The pesticide is manufactured in the Dominican Republic and being smuggled in from China.  Illegal in the United States, the product is so powerful that once a rat consumes it, the rat is only able to walk three steps before it meets its demise.  This dangerous compound contains a “toxic chemical in a concentration almost 61 times higher than federal regulations allowed.”  Using this and similar illegal pesticides puts humans and pets in harm’s way.

You may read the article here.

Rats and mice are more than just a nuisance pest as they can carry a variety of diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Eosinophillic Meningitis, Leptospirosis, Murine Typhus, and Rat Fever.  Additionally, their feces, urine, and constant gnawing can cause considerable damage to your home or business.  Any signs of rats or mice should be immediately addressed by calling a licensed pest control expert with experience in rodent eradication service.

NYC Rats Living The Good Life On NYC Subways Part II Of II

Continuing from Friday…

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority utilizes eight flatbed refuse trains and many above ground trucks to remove the 90,000 tons of refuse that is collected every day from NYC subway stations.  The refuse trains are scheduled to pick up trash at various train stations at the wee hours of the morning as to not impact the vast amount of NYC subway passengers.

The “Daily News” reported a story this week, complete with a photograph, which is sure to upset many subway riders.  According to their account, workers for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority used an in-service NYC passenger train, with passengers on-board, to transport a huge pile of trash bags between stations…which is a big no no!  The trash bags in question should have been carried up to the street for a Metropolitan Transportation Authority truck to pick up.

According to the Daily News article, an un-named transit worker admitted that this is not the first time that he has seen small mountains of orange garbage bags sharing cars with passengers.  The transit worker further reports that the stinky trash bags in question blocked doorways, seats, and leaked fluids inside the train as well.  To make matters worse, according to the Daily News article, John Samuelsen, president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, said “the bags can contain rats looking for a meal.”  He additionally said “To bring those bags on passenger trains and expose riders to potential of rats jumping out of the bags is outrageous. When track workers walk past those bags, we give them a wide berth, knowing if you walk close to a bag, a rat could jump out right on top of you.”  Can you imagine being stuck in a subway train car when rats decided it was time to emerge from filled trash bags?  Frightening!

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has launched an investigation as this is not proper procedure.  The end result of the investigation is that the subway supervisor is now facing disciplinary actions for not following protocol, so perhaps it won’t happen again.  The NYC rats still remain within the subway system and will do so until new protocols are developed.

If you have a problem with a NYC rat infestation, contact a pest control professional with experience in rat removal services.

NYC Rats Living The Good Life On NYC Subways Part I Of II

Rats and New York City go together like peas and carrots.  There are rats roaming the alleyways, rats on the rooftops, rats pilfering through garbage cans, rats frolicking in droves in the parks, rats in restaurants, rats in hotels and motels, rats underground, rats above ground, rats in the daytime, rats at night, and rats burrowing along homes, apartments, and businesses.  Everywhere you look; it’s hard to not see a rat in New York City!

New York City rats are notorious for their day and nighttime antics throughout the entire subway system.  NYC rats have lived within the subways for decades.  Entire families of rats live within the cinderblock walls according to NYC pest control experts.  Each cinderblock can house between 8 to 12 rats, so you can see why the rats are so problematic.  Much to the passenger’s dismay, rats are often seen boldly roaming the platform areas and tracks in search of a tasty treat that has been discarded by passengers.

In the past, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has tried to kill off the rodents by tossing poison bait packs onto the subway tracks, but to date, those tactics have not knocked the rat population down.

Despite the efforts put forth by renowned rat expert, Bobby Corrigan, to help the city get rid of the rats within the subway system, the rats remain.  Subway stations have trash rooms where trash is collected and stored until it is disposed of.  The trash rooms serve as a daily rat buffet for colonies of rats within the subway system.  The mishandling of subway station refuse is one of the primary reasons that the rat population has been able to continue to thrive in New York City.

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.

Vermin Requires The Help Of NYC Pest Control Experts

In the pest control industry, there are many different types of vermin that can be troubling for a business. Cockroaches, mice and rats are an unsightly intrusion that will surely drive customers away, ruin a reputation, and cause serious penalties to be imposed by local health authorities.

Odd at it may seem, some people believe that there is an acceptable level of vermin that can be present at New York City restaurants, grocery stores, delis, bars, mobile carts or trucks, retail warehouses and the like say NYC pest control experts.  In every state throughout the United States, and in most countries, there are laws that require that all food establishments and facilities be free of vermin at all times in order to remain in operation.

New York City pest control experts say that any vermin in a food facility is a serious problem as rats, mice and cockroach infestations put the public’s health in danger.  Vermin are always on the hunt for a good food source and food establishments provide ample opportunity for an infestation to occur.  It’s important for all businesses to ensure the safety of their patrons by hiring a pest control professional for regular pest control treatments.

The signs of rats and mice are fairly easy to notice as they leave a trail of feces in their pathways and they gnaw into any type of food source that they can gain access to.  Rats and mice are able to squeeze into small openings into businesses, which must be completely sealed in order to keep them out.  A good NYC pest control expert will aid restaurants in finding the entry points and nesting spots when rats or mice are suspected.

New York is home to four different cockroaches, the German cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach.  Each of these cockroaches can easily infest a restaurant as they feed on wide variety of food sources.  Cockroaches carry bacteria on their legs which is then transferred onto food preparation surfaces, utensils, bowls, plates, and food sources.  Restaurants with a NYC cockroach infestation must worry about transmitting the Salmonella bacteria to their customers.

There is no acceptable level of vermin in any business establishment!  Stern Environmental Group recommends that all businesses maintain good sanitation practices, regular rat and mice inspection and extermination services, and utilize cockroach eradication services on a regular basis.

NYC Rats Enjoy Munching Away At Subway System Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday…

Other large U.S. metropolitan cities like Washington, DC and Chicago have subway systems that are not overrun with sassy rats.  This is because there is a “no eating” ban on the trains or within the train stations.  If riders are found eating or drinking, they are quickly issued a fine.  The lack of eating within the stations/trains gives way to very clean train stations and trains.  Because there is no other food sources underground, other than those provided by humans, Chicago and Washington, DC do not have rat infestations within their subway systems.  Due to the constant gravy train being offered to NYC subway rats by riders, Senator Perkins is proposing a “No Eating on Subway Bill”.

Senator Perkins is also proposing that more trash receptacles be placed throughout the NYC subway system to eliminate the trash that is on the floor which would help keep platforms and tracks cleaner.  He would also like to see trash cans emptied more frequently so rats will not be able to feast on the contents.  Additionally, he is asking that refuse storage rooms be secured completely against rat entry.  If Perkins gets his way, NYC will see a new public education campaign set in place as well.  Subway riders just might see cool signs in the near future that read…“If you feed em…You breed em! or “starve a rat today…throw your trash away” plastered on walls throughout the subway system too.

In the end, it will take a combined effort of government officials forking over money to help battle the NYC rat infestation; citizens making a commitment to abide by any new rules and regulations by keeping all food sources out of the NYC subway system so rats won’t have anything to feast upon; and a good Integrated Pest Management Program implemented by a NYC pest control expert, to knock out the rats that are rampaging through the subway system.