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Mouse 101

Mouse 101
Mouse 101

With the winter season approaching quickly, it’s a good idea to start thinking about things you can do to keep mice out of your property or office building. Remember, they can be pretty tricky, but if you learn more about how they behave, you can keep them outside where they belong.

The first thing you should do is take a walk around the perimeter of your property or office building. Look for any small cracks in the foundation. Mice can fit through a very small opening, and if you find any, you should seal them up with foam insulation to keep these critters out.

Seeds are very tempting for mice, and they make an excellent meal. If you have a bird feeder near your properties, consider relocating it to keep mice from being attracted to the dropped seeds.

Pet food bowls are another easy way for mice to find food, and many people keep bowls outside to feed their pets when they’re not indoors. Spilled food is naturally going to happen, so keep a close eye on the bowls and clean up any messes.

Although you might not be able to completely prevent mice from coming inside for the winter, by following these tips, you have a much better chance. However, a mouse infestation is not something to be taken lightly, especially since these pests can multiply quickly. If you spot them inside, contact us right away for an inspection.

Squirrels – You Don’t Want Them in Your Attic

Squirrels add a charming touch to a peaceful neighborhood scene. They look adorable scampering across lawns and nibbling on acorns. One place where they definitely don’t fit the picture is inside your attic, where those cute habits become destructive and dangerous.

Attics make an attractive target for squirrels thanks to their excellent climbing skills. Gaps and loose shingles on roofs often go undetected, making it easy for them to find access. These warm, dry environments keep them hidden from predators, giving them a safe place to raise their babies.

Just as they love to sprint across yards outside, they often spend time running around around your attic. Those back-and-forth sounds are usually the first indication of a squirrel infestation, particularly if they’re heard during the day since most other home invaders are nocturnal.

Once they’re inside, effective squirrel control is needed to safeguard your attic and home from the devastation these animals cause. Those sharp teeth they apply to acorns can make quick work of wood, insulation and even wiring. Trails of droppings spread germs and infection while damage from their urine is worse than a water leak.

The experienced technicians of Stern Environmental Group provide efficient squirrel control in NYC and NJ, safely removing the intruders while thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas. Contact us for 24-hour emergency service.