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Skunks in Vacant House Worry Old Bridge Residents

A family of skunks has caused concern among residents in the Laurence Harbor area of Old Bridge, New Jersey after they moved into an abandoned house. Other than emitting a foul smell, the skunks also pose a threat to the safety of pets and residents in the neighborhood.

Ashley Mulcahy, who is living next door to the skunk-infested house, said that she has seen a large number of skunks going in and out of the house, and her nine-year-old American Eskimo dog was sprayed and bitten by one of them. Neighbors are worried that the skunks may spread rabies, and efforts have been made to contact the owner of the house, but she has not responded to the calls.

Director of Middlesex County Public Health Department, David A. Papi, advised residents to avoid contact with skunks or other wild animals and report immediately to their local health departments if they are bitten by wild animals.

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