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Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Squirrels

Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Squirrels
Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Squirrels

When describing squirrels, several adjectives come to mind; they’re cute, inquisitive, acrobatic, and entertaining. They’re also interesting and are found in nearly any type of ecosystem on the planet. They can also be destructive, which is when you will need the help of a NJ squirrel removal specialist to keep your home squirrel free.

Facts About Squirrels

1. When it comes to the number of species inhabiting the planet, the figure is a whopping 285 worldwide.

2. They are true survivalists. Each year, they stock up on nuts, acorns, and seeds to get them through harsh winter conditions when food is not plentiful.

3. The smallest species is the pygmy tree squirrel weighing in at half an ounce. On the flip side, the largest are western Africa’s gray marmots of Kazakhstan weighing 20 pounds.

4. Squirrels are environmentalists when it comes to tree planting. An example is a gray squirrel that can create thousands of buried food caches filled with nuts. Not all caches will be found, though, which leads to new saplings sprouting from acorns. Not only that, the acorns may be buried in open places in need of trees.

5. Squirrels like mushrooms and during the winter they will hang the fungi in tree branches to dry. This preserves the mushrooms for winter dining.

If you need help with invading squirrel populations, our NJ squirrel removal specialists at Stern provide humane removal services.

They’re Cute, But They Can Bite – Seniors Attacked by Squirrels

The Common Squirrel

Everyone is familiar with the common squirrel, and they’re a part of our lives. In fact, it’s difficult to walk out your front door without seeing them. Here at Stern, we provide NJ squirrel removal services for our customers, and what we’ve learned is that it’s actually possible to be afraid of these furry, seemingly harmless little creatures. It’s a condition called sciurophobia. The question is, why would anyone be afraid of squirrels?

Because they bite!

Squirrels Attack Senior Citizens

Several residents at a retirement community were recently attacked by squirrels, and the attacks came as quite a shock. One woman was sitting on a swing when a squirrel jumped down on her head from above. It then chased her into a nearby exercise room. Another woman was bitten about a week later, and she had to be treated at the hospital because she fell and broke her wrist. All residents who were bitten were treated with antibiotics to fend off infection.

Are You at Risk?

In general, squirrels aren’t animals that attack, but it can happen. Squirrels love to make their homes in attacks and the walls in your home. If you have a squirrel problem, NJ squirrel removal is a service that you should consider.

Here at Stern, we can provide you with the professional help you need to rid your home of squirrels. Please contact us and get the help you need!