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Be Careful: Squirrels Will Eat Just About Anything!

Be Careful: Squirrels Will Eat Just About Anything!
Be Careful: Squirrels Will Eat Just About Anything!

A New Jersey household recently discovered the ostentatious appetites of an area, tree-faring rodent. The Maplewood family never suspected the area squirrel of burglary, but the furry felon was caught on tape red-handed, wreaking havoc on neighborhood cheer.

Smooth Criminal
When expensive gourmet chocolates and lip balm, intended as holiday treats for area delivery drivers, started disappearing, the family went to work, worried an area Grinch had plans to steal their Christmas gifts. Setting out a surveillance camera, they were shocked at the culprit. It seemed they didn’t need law enforcement after all, but local NJ squirrel removal services!

Picky Pest
The portly rodent was so overweight, he appeared to be packing the pounds away for a decade of winters, and was caught-in-the-act pocketing choice chocolates and lip balms. The Maplewoods said discovering the bold-faced bandit brought them a mountain of joy. They tried to redirect the stout squirrel to nuts, seeds, and popcorn, repackaging the chocolate into a jar that required opposable thumbs, but the cheeky culprit could not be swayed, tossing the seeds in lieu of other flavors.

Serious Shenanigans
The Maplewoods were not alone. Officials in nearby Sea Girt discovered the area’s annual Christmas lighting thwarted by tattered wiring. Rushing to rectify the situation, police quickly uncovered another rascally rodent.

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Why Do Squirrels Like Your Attic and Eaves?

Why Do Squirrels Like Your Attic and Eaves?

Squirrels are extremely adaptable to their environment especially when sharing that environment with humans.

In forested areas, squirrels have plenty of places to build nests, forage for food, and sharpen their teeth. When living in a neighborhood, their living space is limited as they must share the landscape with a house, shed, garage, and domestic outdoor pets.

Squirrels and Attics

One of the biggest attractions for urban squirrels is a cozy attic to hunker down in during the winter and as nesting places in the spring and summer.

Squirrels have two litters a year – March to May and July to August. During this time, moms-to-be are looking for a safe place to have their babies and a secure place to raise them.

As the babies mature, you’ll hear sounds emanating from the attic including chewing and scratching and the patter of feet. Unfortunately, squirrels love to chew and since they’re not in the forest, the next best thing is whatever is handy in your attic.

Along with chewing damage, there’s the mess that a group of baby squirrels can make. When your home is invaded, the best course of action is hiring a NJ squirrel removal pest service.

At Stern Environmental, we have NJ squirrel removal specialists with the knowledge and equipment to remove the squirrels from your home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and structural damage occurs. Call us today for an inspection.

Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Squirrels

Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Squirrels
Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Squirrels

When describing squirrels, several adjectives come to mind; they’re cute, inquisitive, acrobatic, and entertaining. They’re also interesting and are found in nearly any type of ecosystem on the planet. They can also be destructive, which is when you will need the help of a NJ squirrel removal specialist to keep your home squirrel free.

Facts About Squirrels

1. When it comes to the number of species inhabiting the planet, the figure is a whopping 285 worldwide.

2. They are true survivalists. Each year, they stock up on nuts, acorns, and seeds to get them through harsh winter conditions when food is not plentiful.

3. The smallest species is the pygmy tree squirrel weighing in at half an ounce. On the flip side, the largest are western Africa’s gray marmots of Kazakhstan weighing 20 pounds.

4. Squirrels are environmentalists when it comes to tree planting. An example is a gray squirrel that can create thousands of buried food caches filled with nuts. Not all caches will be found, though, which leads to new saplings sprouting from acorns. Not only that, the acorns may be buried in open places in need of trees.

5. Squirrels like mushrooms and during the winter they will hang the fungi in tree branches to dry. This preserves the mushrooms for winter dining.

If you need help with invading squirrel populations, our NJ squirrel removal specialists at Stern provide humane removal services.

Squirrels Can Cause Serious Damage to Attics

Squirrel Damage

Imagine that you’re lying in bed one night, almost asleep, and suddenly you hear what sounds like little feet running across the ceiling of your bedroom. Your eyes fly open, and your first suspicion is probably exactly what is going on in your attic – you have a squirrel problem. If you’ve had this problem, then you’re in desperate need of NJ squirrel removal services. This is a problem that should not be tackled on your own.

The Damage Caused By Squirrels

When you see them scurrying around your yard, squirrels are pretty cute. In fact, you might even enjoy sitting on your front porch, watching them run around. What you don’t realize is that once they set up a nest in your home, they can do a significant amount of damage, including:

  • Chewing holes through cardboard boxes
  • Chewing on the wiring in your attic
  • Destroying your belongings
  • Leaving their excrement everywhere

Clearly, this is a problem, and you want to take care of it as soon as possible.

Professional NJ Squirrel Removal Services Can Help You

Many people have tried setting up squirrel traps themselves, and many people have failed with this method. It really takes a professional approach in order to get rid of these furry pests. At Stern, we offer NJ squirrel removal services that can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

What Diseases do Squirrels Carry?

Diseases Squirrels Carry
Diseases Squirrels Carry

We see them all the time frolicking in the trees, running across fences, foraging in the leaves, and pilfering the bird seed stand. It seems like it’s squirrel season all year-round with the bushy-tailed marauders taking over yards, and in some cases, an easily accessible attic.

Squirrels are inquisitive and can find weak areas in a structure that serve as an easy entryway into buildings. This usually happens in cold weather and during the months when females give birth.

There are two concerns with squirrels. The first is the damage they can do with their gnawing. This is especially true due to their affinity for chewing electrical wires. The other concern is what types of diseases squirrels carry that can affect humans and household pets.

Types of Diseases

Squirrels carry ticks and fleas and both can turn into an infestation if left untreated in the home. Ticks are known carriers of Lyme disease and squirrels can harbor ticks. Squirrels can also be carriers of pathogens such as salmonella. For these reasons, if you have a squirrel problem, it’s best to contact a NYC squirrel control company to humanely move the critters.

Our NYC squirrel control technicians are standing by to help you with all of your pest control problems. To set up an appointment for an inspection and removal of pesky pests invading your yard and home, give our NYC squirrel control specialists a call.