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Squirrel Facts You Did Not Know

Squirrel Facts You Did Not Know
Squirrel Facts You Did Not Know

The eastern gray squirrel is a common sight in NJ when you’re outdoors. However, these animals could end up inside your attic or other indoor areas to escape the cold, which means it’s time for NJ pest animal control. While you might be familiar with squirrels, here are some facts that you might not know.

Invasive Squirrels

Eastern gray squirrels are considered an invasive species in the US. In fact, they’ve displaced the native red squirrel in some parts of the region. They’re native to the eastern US and the midwestern US, although they’ve spread to the western regions.

Color Variations

Most gray squirrels are gray, although they can be brown. In urban areas, some of these squirrels end up with white or black fur coloring due to the low risk of predators.

Spatial Memory

Eastern gray squirrels hoard food in numerous locations. They have excellent spatial memory that helps them remember where all of their food caches are.


Squirrels usually feed on seeds, berries, nuts and similar items. However, they’re also known to prey on frogs, birds and other animals. They also gnaw on antlers and bones for minerals.


Eastern gray squirrels use tail movements, facial expressions and vocalizations to communicate. They even make a purring noise when interacting with their young.

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Penn State New Kensington – What to Know About Our Eastern Gray Squirrels

The Squirrels Are In My Attic

Are eastern gray squirrels taking over your yard? NJ squirrel removal specialists get quite a few calls this time of year to remove these pests. Are you inadvertently enticing them onto your property?

What You Need to Know About Eastern Gray Squirrels

• They’re everywhere. 

According to the eastern gray squirrel page on Penn State University’s Virtual Nature Trail website, this rodent frequents a variety of habitats including parks, forests, suburban and urban settings.

• They’re not really gray.

They’re a mix of black, white, and brown fur blended together. Whitish tips on the ends of fur create the illusion of gray coloring. Varying in hue, each rapidly expanding squirrel family can be lighter/darker by nature.

• A predictable abundance of food.

Squirrels require the caloric load of the nuts of trees such as oaks, beeches, hickories, and the like for breeding and to survive the winter. Grounds with these trees are the ideal foraging places for overwintering squirrels. In other seasons, squirrels also enjoy feasting on plant shoots, tree flowers/buds, mushrooms, and caterpillars.

• They may draw other pests to your yard.

Though hawks and owls are most apt to target gray squirrels for food, they are also prey to snakes, skunks, raccoons, weasels, and foxes.

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Squirrels Can Bite! One Woman’s Story.

Be Careful Squirrels Can Bite!

Squirrels can be a real menace. If they get into your attic or the walls of your home, they can cause untold damage.

However, you may not realize just how hostile they can become. According to a recent news article, a train operator in New York City was bitten by a squirrel. That is a serious problem, and it certainly calls for strict and efficient NYC squirrel control measures.

The Story of the Squirrel Bite

The article states that the train employee was on a staircase at the Woodlawn 4 station in the Bronx when the bite happened. There were several squirrels in the area, and she tried to shoo them away. One of them became aggressive and bit her on the finger.

The employee was taken to a local hospital to be treated, but there was no news on the outcome.

Are NYC Squirrels Always This Aggressive?

For the most part, no. Although there have been stories about squirrels attacking people, they usually keep to themselves. They eat the food that humans throw their way, and they scurry away from danger. However, as more stories surface on squirrel bites, it’s possible that they’re becoming more aggressive.

NYC squirrel control is available for you through Stern Environmental. If you have a squirrel problem in your home, it’s important to take quick action. You can avoid an attack and also protect your belongings. Contact us today.