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Squirrel Population Booms in 2009

The population of squirrels in New York and New Jersey has been increasing this year because of the warm weather. Furthermore, the effects of El Nino-La Nina in the northeast will reduce the amount of snowfall during the winter months. The warmer conditions will bring about a drastic increase in the population of squirrels. In fact, many local residents have reported that more squirrels are showing up around their homes.

The most common type of squirrel that is found in New York and New Jersey is the grey squirrel. While most ground squirrels hibernate during the winter months, grey squirrels remain active. These squirrels usually dwell in trees, but they will move to warmer places during winter. Homes and buildings that leak heat will be the prime targets for these animals.

Squirrels are intelligent animals, and they will work on any possibility to get into a home. If there is a damaged trim around the house that reveals a small opening, they will make a hole that is big enough for them to get through. They can also get into a house through an exposed soffit. Once they get inside the house, they can cause a lot of problems, and it is difficult to get rid of them.

If you need to get rid of squirrels in your home, you can get assistance from NY, NYC, and NJ pest control experts.

Shouldn’t All Animals Be Treated Humanely In New Jersey?

It has recently been reported that a New Jersey pest control company has been charged with animal cruelty.  Apparently the company was hired by a professional complex to help get rid of a bothersome squirrel.  A trap was placed upon the rooftop and at some point the squirrel was trapped.  It was not until the next day that the trap was checked to see if the squirrel had been caught.  By the time it was checked, the squirrel was dead from heat exhaustion.

The Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals charged the owner with animal cruelty because the squirrel was not given adequate food, water and shelter.

The internet has been buzzing with this issue for the past couple of days.  Some people don’t believe that the owner should be charged because squirrels cause damage to homes and businesses.  Some people do think she should be charged because she was negligent.  Each species of wildlife contributes in some way to our environments ecosystem and none should be left to die in a cage in the hot sunshine.

Capturing a wild animal can be dangerous and problematic for an untrained person.  Stern Environmental Group recognizes the sensitivity of our clients needs.  Our focus is to always humanely capture any nuisance wildlife and follow the laws that govern their removal.  Stern specializes in 24 hour humane emergency squirrel removal services in the New York City metropolitan region serving, New York City, parts of New Jersey, and parts of Long Island.

The Squirrel Versus The Power Company

squirrel-2Squirrels are cute to look at when they are frolicking in the back yard.  One of my favorite things to feed them is a tortilla.  They try to pick them and run with them, but end up rolling around on the ground turning them into a furry burrito.  After many attempts, they somehow find a way to run with them on their heads making them look like little ghosts in the yard.

When squirrels are not acting cute, they can be a huge problem for homeowners and businesses.  They often cause considerable damage when they gain entry into a dwelling.  Just recently, one squirrel was responsible for a massive power outage in Canada.  Apparently the squirrel had found its way into a substation.  The squirrel took up residence for an undetermined amount of time and gnawed on some electrical wires.  The resulting fire eventually led to 55,000 customers being without power for a good amount of time.  That one lonely squirrel caused $200,000 worth of damage, and lost his life in the ensuing blaze.

If you suspect that you might have a squirrel problem in New York or New Jersey, it is important to call a squirrel removal specialist quickly before the squirrel is able to cause extensive and expensive damage to your home or business.

Hazel And Friends

squirrel-2Personally, I like squirrels….as long as they stay outside.  The Nutt family in Northern Ireland used to like squirrels.  In fact they liked them well enough to name one furry little scavenger “Hazel.”  The squirrels first came calling to the Nutt household about six years ago.  Fast forward to eighteen months ago and it seems that the once nice squirrel/family friendship fizzled.

Taking over the backyard was not enough for the squirrels.  They have now decided to move inside, despite the pleas from their once human friends.  The squirrels have caused quite a bit of damage to the home.  They have chewed big holes in the roof and as a result squirrels are living in the attic, walls and under the floor boards throughout the entire house.  At night the family can hear the squirrels running from place to place throughout the house.

The family has used poison to kill the squirrels.  The problem is that when the squirrels ate the poison, they died in the walls of the home.  Soon the flies came and caused a horrible mess that made matters even worse.  There does not seem to be an end to the squirrel nightmare this family is encountering.

It makes you wonder if perhaps the surname is drawing the furry creatures inside! 

If squirrels are busting through your roof, living in your attic, walls or under your wood flooring, it’s time to call out a professional squirrel remover to get the job done right.  At Stern Environmental Group, we specialize in 24 hour emergency squirrel removal services in the New York City metropolitan region serving, New York City, parts of New Jersey, and parts of Long Island.

What’s In My Attic?

Attics are one of the most overlooked and often ignored areas in most homes.  If you are like me, you only go into the attic to bring down or put up holiday decorations.  Because it is widely overlooked, it is an easy place for unwanted wildlife to take up residence.

The first signs that you will most likely notice that a critter has been living above you is often discovered in the form of the pitter patter of little feet or tiny pellet droppings.  Squirrels, raccoons or other rodents will often enter attics through vents, loose boards or the eaves of your home.  Squirrels and raccoons have even been known to chew through soffits and shingles to get inside.  Mice are so small; they can squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

These pests do not seam to be happy just living among us.  Their fantastically sharp teeth cause considerable damage by chewing on electrical wires.  Exposed wires hold a tremendous fire hazard for homeowners.  Many homeowners have also found that they need to replace the insulation in their attics once unwanted critters move in.  Insulation can be damaged by the parasites on the wildlife, nesting, or feces and urine.

When dealing with nuisance wildlife, you will need to eliminate access to their nesting sites, remove the nests and feces, disinfect the area to remove parasites and deodorize the attic. This is a job that you want to call out the professionals for.  Call a nuisance wildlife expert that can help rid your life of rodents and squirrels living in your attic.