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Five Types of Rodents in New Jersey Looking for Ways to Move In with Cooler Weather

Don't Let Your Home Become Like the Movie Ratatouille!
Don’t Let Your Home Become Like the Movie Ratatouille!

As temperatures drop, more rodents make their way into homes and businesses. What furry pests do NJ rodent control professionals most frequently deal with in the fall/winter, and why should you be concerned?

House Mice

They’re grey or brown with small eyes, big ears, and a small body. These common mice carry disease, contaminating food and preparation areas with their droppings.

Deer Mice/Field Mice

Deer mice are typically brown with a white belly, large eyes and ears, and a two-toned tail. They prefer grassy areas, but will invade buildings when their habitat is disturbed. They carry deer ticks and disease.

White-Footed Mice

These light-brown mice have large eyes, distinctly white feet, and a white belly. They frequent wooded areas, but head indoors in the winter. You don’t want these disease and deer-tick-laden pests in your home or business.

Black Rats/Roof Rats/Ship Rats

Black rats have black fur and a lighter belly, with large ears, and a super-long, scaly tail. They are excellent climbers. Black rats can consume massive quantities of food, contaminating surfaces and food stores in the process. These rodents carry many diseases and are quite dangerous.

Norway Rats

The most common American rat, Norway rats are brown or grey with a white belly, small ears, and a blunt nose. They carry numerous diseases and fleas.

Reclaim your space. Give rodents the boot with the help of the NJ rodent control experts at Stern Environmental today. 

Tips for Humane Removal of Squirrels from Your Attic

Tips for Humane Removal of Squirrels from Your Attic
Tips for Humane Removal of Squirrels from Your Attic

Maybe you’re hearing the pitter-patter of little feet running across the ceiling or there’s scratching sounds emanating from the attic. If so, this could only mean one thing: squirrels.

Getting Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

There have always been bats in the belfry and right along with them are squirrels in the attic. Whether they’ve moved in for warmth during the cold season or to have their babies in a safe environment, the fuzzy-tailed critters can cause damage to your home.

Tips for NJ Squirrel Removal

Consider these do-it-yourself tips to help alleviate the problem.

– Place wire mesh over exterior ventilation vents leading to the attic.

– For homes with a chimney, cover the chimney cap with wire mesh or a chimney cap.

– If there are holes leading into your home large enough for a squirrel to squeeze through, repair them.

– Secure any openings that may exist between the attic and any and all rooms in the home.

– If squirrels are present in the attic, they need a way in and out. When sealing potential entry spots, leave a hole open to lure the squirrels out; then seal it to prevent reentry.

When unwanted critters invade your home, you need the services of a professional NJ squirrel removal service. That’s where Stern Environmental can help. With humane removal techniques, we’ll take care of getting your home squirrel-free. Call us today for a home inspection.


Why Do Squirrels Like Your Attic and Eaves?

Why Do Squirrels Like Your Attic and Eaves?

Squirrels are extremely adaptable to their environment especially when sharing that environment with humans.

In forested areas, squirrels have plenty of places to build nests, forage for food, and sharpen their teeth. When living in a neighborhood, their living space is limited as they must share the landscape with a house, shed, garage, and domestic outdoor pets.

Squirrels and Attics

One of the biggest attractions for urban squirrels is a cozy attic to hunker down in during the winter and as nesting places in the spring and summer.

Squirrels have two litters a year – March to May and July to August. During this time, moms-to-be are looking for a safe place to have their babies and a secure place to raise them.

As the babies mature, you’ll hear sounds emanating from the attic including chewing and scratching and the patter of feet. Unfortunately, squirrels love to chew and since they’re not in the forest, the next best thing is whatever is handy in your attic.

Along with chewing damage, there’s the mess that a group of baby squirrels can make. When your home is invaded, the best course of action is hiring a NJ squirrel removal pest service.

At Stern Environmental, we have NJ squirrel removal specialists with the knowledge and equipment to remove the squirrels from your home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and structural damage occurs. Call us today for an inspection.

Could I Really Have Squirrels in My Attic?

The Squirrels Are In My Attic
The Squirrels Are In My Attic

You hear the pitter patter of little feet running across the ceiling of your property and wonder what four-legged critter has managed to find its way into your attic. The answer is most likely squirrels.

While cute, playful, and great at putting on aerial shows, when squirrels invade your attic it’s usually for two reasons. One is to get away from cold weather in the cozy warmth of the attic. The other is when a female wants to make a protected nest for her young.

In either situation, the squirrels will make food and water runs throughout the day and return to their attic home for the evening. When you’ve determined squirrels have moved into your attic, it’s important to find their point of entry. Removing the squirrels is necessary but unless you address where they’re entering, the opening will serve as a swinging door for more squirrels.

Removing squirrels on your own is not recommended. You need the professional services of NJ squirrel control technicians who know how to remove the squirrels without harm.

Keep your home snug as a bug and without the unwanted antics and potential damage of squirrels setting homestead in your attic. With one call to Stern Environment Group, our NJ squirrel control specialists will give the squirrels the old heave ho safely. Call us today and be squirrel-free tomorrow and enjoy a good night’s sleep without all the clatter.

Squirrels – You Don’t Want Them in Your Attic

Squirrels add a charming touch to a peaceful neighborhood scene. They look adorable scampering across lawns and nibbling on acorns. One place where they definitely don’t fit the picture is inside your attic, where those cute habits become destructive and dangerous.

Attics make an attractive target for squirrels thanks to their excellent climbing skills. Gaps and loose shingles on roofs often go undetected, making it easy for them to find access. These warm, dry environments keep them hidden from predators, giving them a safe place to raise their babies.

Just as they love to sprint across yards outside, they often spend time running around around your attic. Those back-and-forth sounds are usually the first indication of a squirrel infestation, particularly if they’re heard during the day since most other home invaders are nocturnal.

Once they’re inside, effective squirrel control is needed to safeguard your attic and home from the devastation these animals cause. Those sharp teeth they apply to acorns can make quick work of wood, insulation and even wiring. Trails of droppings spread germs and infection while damage from their urine is worse than a water leak.

The experienced technicians of Stern Environmental Group provide efficient squirrel control in NYC and NJ, safely removing the intruders while thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas. Contact us for 24-hour emergency service.