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Have American Grey Squirrels Conquered Great Britain?

England is waging a war against a powerful American aggressor. No it’s not Wal-Mart greeters, it’s not dapper toxic mortgage hustlers; it’s the American grey squirrel. The report from London makes it sound as if a million of them recently hijacked a collection of cruise ships and landed upon the shores of Great Britain and rapidly invaded northern England and portions of Scotland. After further reading, a surprising piece of information is delivered; the invasion began during the Victorian era. After all these years they are now calling it a war.

It seems the combination of aggressive behavior, taking food sources away from the red squirrels by being able to eat unripe nuts and berries and carrying a disease which is lethal to the native red squirrels (not to grey squirrels) is severely lowering the number of the preferred red variety. The American grey squirrels’ population is exploding.

For the campaign against the grey squirrels, the government has gathered chefs who offer tasty squirrel recipes to help the campaign decrease the population of the American invaders. I wonder if NJ and NYC residents can offer any squirrel recipes featuring a savory or perhaps a succulent sauce.

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NJ, NYC Squirrels Might be Living in Your House

Some NJ and NYC squirrels prefer living in human homes than in a nest located in a tree. They enter NJ and NYC homes through the roof and often build nests in the ceilings and the walls. The squirrels need to put down a cleaning deposit because they sometimes destroy insulation, chew on electrical wires and bring a collection of ticks and fleas with them.

They make those creepy noises in your ceiling and walls. They often have a family that lives with them which increases the noise and the mess. If you are trying to get rid of a female squirrel from your ceiling make sure you find out if she has baby squirrels living in your home. If you find the holes they enter and exit through, it’s best to seal them off during the day when the squirrels are outside gathering acorns and other delicacies.    

They may seem adorable but don’t try and make a NJ, NYC  squirrel your pet. The National Wildlife Rehabilitation website claims that in almost all situations its illegal to hold a wild animal captive for any length of time.

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New York Squirrels – What Happened to Their Acorns?

New York squirrels may not have enough acorns this year to keep their bellies full. Naturalists and residents of New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Kansas, Virginia and Pennsylvania have reported there are few acorns this year.

Dan Balser, a forest health specialist claims the problem could be a natural tree cycle.  When trees produce a large amount of acorns, which happened in 2007, typically the next year the production of acorns declines. Perhaps the squirrels anticipated the acorn reduction and have a plan B, (perhaps not).

Some NYC residents claim two hundred pound squirrels with voracious appetites, illegally imported from eastern Bulgaria, have ravaged the NYC trees of their acorns. Probably just a silly rumor initiated by me.

The NYC squirrels could have trouble this year finding enough food to eat for the winter. Deer and turkeys also eat acorns. Some experts are suggesting that more animals will be foraging for food in trash cans and bird feeders. If you have hungry squirrels in your neighborhood this winter, they might challenge you to a Sumo wrestling match for your bag of toasted peanuts. 

If your having problems with squirrels call a NJ, NYC wild animal control specialist to take care of the situation. 

NJ, NYC Squirrels – How to Protect Your Flower Garden

NJ and NYC squirrels are already destroying  next year’s flowers. Properly placed seedlings are being buried by those pesky NJ, NYC squirrels while they are digging for buried nuts. It can be very aggravating for NJ, NYC residents.

Some gardeners are having success in protecting their flowers and bulbs from squirrels by spraying potions such as crushed oyster shell, or a significant amount of cayenne powder on the surface of the soil.

Other gardeners have had success by creating squirrel diversions. Hey it works with little kids. NJ, NYC residents have installed squirrel feeders in their yards to divert the squirrels attention away from the flower areas of their property. Squirrels eat enough to fill their bellies and go and do something else such as chase other squirrels.  

Some people by a bag of varmint food for the squirrel feeders. I don’t know if it comes with a tasty sauce. I don’t know how much it costs but it might help to persuade NJ, NYC squirrels to leave your bulbs alone. It should be noted that some squirrel feeders have, unfortunately attracted pigeons. It would be great if squirrels enjoyed digging up weeds instead of flowers and bulbs. 

Call a NJ, NYC wild animal control expert if you are having problems with squirrels.

NJ, NYC Squirrels – Why They Ruin Lawns

NJ and NYC squirrels often dig holes in lawns. This can be quite annoying and seemingly disrespectful. Common knowledge suggests the Grey squirrels are hiding nuts but perhaps something else is really going on. Sometimes Sciurus carolinensis aka Grey squirrels are actually ruining your lawn while attempting to deceive their rivals such as other squirrels, blue jays and humans who enjoy a tasty acorn.  They dig holes, leave them empty, cover them with leaves in an attempt to discourage thieves from exploring their holes and taking their prized nuts.

If you have a lot of holes in your yard it might indicate that a NJ, NYC squirrel has spotted other squirrels or humans watching them. This unwanted attention inspires them to increase their deception. Squirrels discourage other mammals from checking out their hiding places by creating “false nut storage facilities;” perhaps I just created a new phrase. 

If you want to minimize the amount of holes squirrels make in your NJ, NYC yard don’t dig up their holes and confiscate their acorns because that will inspire them to create more “false nut stashes” (oops another new phrase) in order to discourage you. Squirrels believe a vast amount of false holes will deter thieves.

Call a NJ, NYC wildlife control professional if you are having problems with squirrels or other types of wildlife.