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How Stern’s RTM Lowers Pest Monitoring Personnel Costs

Stern's RTM Size
Stern’s RTM Size

Pests are small, elusive, persistent, and capable of reproducing rapidly. Because of their small size, pests can easily navigate areas of buildings that people can’t physically access.

These pests set their own schedule, and for the most part are savvy enough to avoid being seen. By the time you do notice bedbugs, the infestation is probably at an advanced stage. It is not humanly possible to effectively monitor and detect their activity without some round-the-clock technology. That is why you need Stern’s Real Time Monitoring (RTM).

What is Stern’s RTM?

Stern’s RTM for bedbugs is a comprehensive, multi-pronged method of monitoring for bedbugs in hotels and motels, college dormitories, shelters, nursing homes, and other businesses.

The RTM system uses traps with a heated pest containment drawer, a lure compartment and dispenser, and a LED alert trigger light. It includes thermal and accelerometer sensors that detect heat, vibrations, and sounds from bedbugs.

Stern’s system continuously captures images of the heated containment drawer chambers. The proprietary visualization technology of the RTM recognizes if a pest has entered one of the chambers and captures photos or videos of its activity. When a pest is detected, alert messages are sent by email or text message.

Stern’s RTM for bedbugs provides real-time monitoring and significantly lowers personnel costs by allowing managers to detect infestations in the early and more manageable stages. Contact Stern Environmental today for more information.

Introducing Stern’s RTM for Bed Bugs

Front of Device
Stern’s RTM Bedbug Monitoring Device

Detecting and monitoring bedbugs in hotels, nursing homes and other facilities can end up being an expensive way to catch these pests. At Stern Environmental Group, we’re launching the Real Time Monitoring Device to help clients monitor bedbug activity in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

What Is Stern’s RTM?

Our new device uses a combination of visualization technology and a trapping mechanism to detect bedbugs and capture them. This device will help hotels and other accommodations, dormitories, nursing homes and shelters deal with bedbug infestations in a way that saves time and money. Using Stern’s RTM helps reduce the cost of treatment by detecting bedbugs early. It reduces other costs as well, such as having personnel monitor traps.

How Does It Work?

Our RTM device uses visualization technology that operates in real time to monitor bedbugs. When these pests are detected, this Cloud-based device sends out alerts that include images. The alerts are sent as SMS or email messages that make it easy to monitor bedbugs in more than one location. Inside the device, there’s a lure compartment, LED trigger light, and heated pest containment drawers that can be programmed to close. This small monitoring device is expected to go a long way toward helping accommodation facilities fight bedbugs.

If you’d like more information on Stern’s RTM devices, please contact us at 888-887-8376. We provide reliable pest control services in the NJ and NYC area.