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What Pest Should You Watch Out For This Winter? Prepare For A Stink Bug Invasion

We Can Help You Remove Stinkbugs!
We Can Help You Remove Stinkbugs!

What’s in a name? When it comes to stink bugs, the name is accurate. Our NJ pest control experts fill you in on what else you should know about this common winter invader.

History of Stink Bugs

New Jersey is home to approximately 20 species of stink bugs. Foremost among these is the brown marmorated stink bug, first identified in Allentown, PA during the 1990s. As a native of Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Beijing, the brown marmorated stink bug was introduced to the area as a stowaway on a container ship.

Handle with Care

Do you instinctively crush unwanted bugs found in your home? Squashing a stink bug will aggravate the problem, as it releases their distinctive foul odor. In addition, the smell could linger on shoes, carpeting and other objects.

Vacuuming isn’t the solution either, as stink bugs also emit their smell when they’re frightened. If you have to vacuum them, use a shop vac and empty it immediately afterwards to prevent the stink bugs from re-entering the home.

Stink Bug Prevention Tips

Secure weather-stripping and vents to eliminate gaps.

* Don’t leave fruits, vegetables and legumes sitting out to attract stink bugs.

* Weed and mow the lawn regularly.

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Prepare Yourself for the Annual Stink Bug Invasion

We Can Help You Remove Stinkbugs!
We Can Help You Remove Stinkbugs!

As cooler fall temperatures move in, irksome insects like stink bugs will move into your home. NJ stink bug control professionals know these smelly pests are not the guests you want to invite over for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Does Anyone Smell Cilantro?

Brown, hard-shelled, and shield-shaped, stink bugs release an awful smell that can last up to an hour after it’s released from their stink glands – and even longer on your skin. They use this stench as a defense mechanism against lizards and birds. (Appetite, destroyed.)

Noise Pollution

Stink bugs are not only smelly but noisy in flight. Anyone who’s been cursed enough to suffer them over the winter will learn to quickly distinguish their unique sound in flight and duck for cover.

How to Give Stink Bugs the Boot

Pest control experts know the best offense is a good defense. This includes sealing stink bugs out of your home by:

• Repairing ripped screens.

• Caulking cracks in mortar and between siding.

• Addressing holes in soffits, around chimneys, and venting.

• Adding spray foam around wires and plumbing.

• Ensuring weather-stripping is tight around windows and doors.

Clean with Caution

Never crush stink bugs. Sweep stink bugs into a dustpan and flush down the toilet. Only vacuum up the pests when using disposable bags.

Stink bugs becoming a noxious nuisance? Kill the stench with the help of the NJ stink bug control experts at SternEnvironmental today.

It’s Stink Bug Season – How to Prepare for the Annual Invasion

It's Stink Bug Season - How to Prepare for the Annual Invasion
It’s Stink Bug Season – How to Prepare for the Annual Invasion

Any type of bug infiltrating your home is not pleasant and when it has a name like “stink bug” attached, that’s a double whammy you aren’t going to want to deal with.

While you may think you have the arsenal to conquer these miniature armored bugs, it’s really a job for NJ pest control professionals.

About Stink Bugs

Before the fall season checks in, now is the time to start preparing your home for an impending invasion. Once the weather starts to make its change from the comfort of warm summer days, stink bugs instinctively know winter is just around the corner. They’ll begin making plans to get inside and get comfortable before the inclement weather is an everyday occurrence.

There are a couple of things to do to prevent stink bugs from entering your home.

Things to Do

– Begin with a visual inspection looking for cracks and crevices providing entry points. These may be around doors and window sills, and drain pipes in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

– Use a shop vac to thoroughly vacuum your home and empty the canister immediately.

With NJ pest control technicians on the job, these potentially smelly bugs won’t make your home their winter quarters. To help keep your home smelling fresh as a daisy, contact the Stern Environmental Group. We know what it takes to keep everything smelling like a bed or roses. Call us today.

Brace Youself It’s Stink Bug Season

Prepare For Stinkbugs In Your Home
Prepare For Stinkbugs In Your Home

Stink bugs have infiltrated 41 states. These thick body, triangular shaped bugs have infested homes and gardens. Stink bugs  are especially bothersome in the mid-Atlantic states. The bugs are a major agricultural nuisance in New Jersey and New York, ruining fruit and vegetable crops and they also cause problems for home and business owners.

The Halyomorpha halys or brown marmorated stink bugs and green stink bugs have hitched rides on goods transported to the U.S. from Asia. These nasty invaders give off an odor from glands in the thorax. They have sharp, piercing mouthparts that suck liquid from fruits and vegetables that eventually dry up and die.

The stink bugs invade homes and offices by crawling in through doors and windows. They nest and they can create four generations of bugs within a year.

Removal and prevention

There are steps that can be taken to prevent an infestation:

  • Keep doors and windows sealed
  • Crawl spaces and cracks should also be sealed
  • Grow plants that attract larger predators.

The best way to remove an invasion of these unwanted bugs is to call in an exterminator. Stern Environmental Group can rid your office or property of these pests using Cryonite, a CO2 substance that freezes the bugs. This treatment has also worked on bedbugs, cockroaches and other beetles.

Call us for a consultation if you find stink bugs, bed bugs or other invasive insects in your home or garden. We have various non-toxic means of eradicating these pests.

Interesting Factoids on Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Season
Stink Bug Season

The name carpenter ant just sounds industrious. The idiom “busy as a bee” also gives some positive characteristics to a tiny pest. But with a name like stink bug, it is unlikely this particular insect species will be getting their own Pixar movie anytime soon. Despite their unpleasant name and repulsive defense mechanism, these creatures are fascinating just the same.


Homeowners typically notice the most stink bugs during spring, fall and early winter. The insects are not able to generate any body heat and will seek a warm place to overwinter. They like to get inside walls to ride out the cold months. Once inside, they can be very difficult to eliminate.


Farmers and home gardeners are familiar with the damage stink bugs can inflict on crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, apples, and pears. They will also eat other insects like caterpillars. They seldom bite humans unless they have no method of escape.

The smell

Anytime the stink bug is frightened, it will release a foul odor from the stink glands. The smell is described differently by people. Some say it is a sharp bitter odor. Others compare it to sweaty feet. Regardless of how people feel about it, other stink bugs like it and follow it to find a new place to live.

To prevent any pest from taking up residence inside your New Jersey business, contact the experts at Stern Environmental Group.