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National Alert Sent About Termite Fumigation and Kids

Termite Issues
Termite Issues

Getting rid of pests that can cause considerable damage to homes and businesses is essential, but it’s even more important to do so safely. Pest control services that use fumigation and other potentially toxic chemicals to eliminate pests can have serious health risks.

A national alert was recently released when a 10-year-old boy in Florida was poisoned after being around chemicals used for a termite infestation. The boy and his family had their home treated for termites by a pest control company that used a sub-contractor. Treatment involved tenting the house and applying chemicals designed to destroy termites. When the family returned to their home two days later, they all became sick soon after. Ten-year-old Peyton McCaughey suffered a serious illness from exposure to the chemicals and might not be able to speak or walk again.

The national alert urges pest control companies to make sure they’re using safe methods to remove bugs and other pests from homes and businesses. This alert is also a good reminder for building owners that it’s crucial to hire a pest control company that offers nontoxic forms of treatment. This helps reduce the risk of having occupants become ill from exposure to pest control chemicals.

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Schedule Termite Inspections Now

Termites damage hundreds of thousands of U.S. buildings, causing more than $1.5 billion in structural damage every year. In the greater New York City and northern New Jersey area, one in five buildings will be attacked by termites. Scheduling an annual termite inspection by a licensed commercial termite extermination expert is your best protection against termite damage. The time to schedule your commercial termite inspection is now before colonies begin to reproduce and spread.

Typically, Eastern subterranean termites, the only termites found in our region, start launching reproductives in March; but a lengthy unseasonable warm spell could trigger the process earlier. You want to make sure your property is inspected and protected well before colonies start expanding. Early treatment can both minimize damage to your building and prevent termite colonies from spreading to additional locations on your property.

Termites are continuously active throughout the year. Living deep underground below the frost line where the temperature is a balmy 55 degrees F. year-round, termite colonies are unaffected by the cold and snow. Social insects, termites live in huge colonies that can number in the millions. In one year, a mature colony of just 60,000 termites can devour more than two lineal feet of pine 2×4 — and termite colonies are typically much larger. Left untreated, a termite infestation can eventually cause structural collapse.

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Termites Invade 1 in 5 NY-NJ Buildings Annually

One in five building in New York and New Jersey will be invaded by wood-eating termites this year. Termites cause $5 billion damage to U.S. property every year, according to National Pest Management Association estimates. A small colony of Eastern subterranean termites, the species native to New York and New Jersey, can munch their way through a yard or more of pine 2×4 in a year. The problem is that most termite colonies are not small, but number in the millions, multiplying their destructive power.

Complicating the issue for commercial property owners is the fact that termites typically go unnoticed until colonies reach maturity and produce winged reproductives to expand the colony, a process that takes about 5 years. By the time business owners notice puddles of what look like winged ants milling around foundation plantings, termites may already have caused extensive damage to the wooden studs, joists, subflooring, door frames and trim of the commercial building. Termites will attack any wood they come in contact with, including concrete framework.

Including termite inspections in your annual commercial pest management services is the best way to protect your New York or New Jersey commercial property from termite damage. If you notice signs of termite activity — flyers, mud tubes on concrete walls or floors or piles of scale-like wings on windowsills — call Stern Environmental immediately for expert commercial termite extermination.

New Research Finding to Aid Elimination of Termites

It is estimated that termites cause about $30 billion worth of damage around the world every year, not including the amount of money that is spent on pesticides to eliminate them. Most of the termite removal techniques that are being practiced today involve the use of toxic chemicals, which can be detrimental to other animals as well as human beings.

Mark Bulmer, a termite expert from Towson University, discovered a way to kill termites in a more affordable and non-toxic way. According to him, termites have a natural protection against a type of fungus that is deadly to them, but that natural resistance can be undermined by a small sugar known as Glucono delta-lactone (GDL). This sugar will prevent certain enzymes in termites from causing damage to the fungal cell wall in their bodies, and this will make them more susceptible to fungal pathogens.

GDL is not harmful to humans, and it can be found in honey and wine. It can be used in combination with the fungus as food bait for termites, and it will kill them before they start to cause damage.