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The Bed Bug Connection – Airbnb and Bed Bug Infestations

The Bed Bug Connection - Airbnb and Bed Bug Infestations
The Bed Bug Connection – Airbnb and Bed Bug Infestations

Over the last few months, the name AirBnB has become synonymous with bed bug infestations. This is much to the chagrin of the company and their hosts, particularly in New York City. It appears that there is a link between bed bugs and AirBnB, but it’s not easy to determine what this really means. As your NYC bed bug specialists, we feel that it’s important to get to the bottom of this problem.

Should Travelers Avoid AirBnB in NYC?

That’s a great question. AirBnB has become popular among travelers to the Big Apple because it’s affordable. However, people who choose this company for lodging may end up bringing home bed bugs.

The people who host for AirBnB in NYC aren’t easy to talk to about this problem. They don’t want to discuss bed bugs with anyone, or their affiliation with AirBnB. This is because they’re illegally renting out their apartments.

You Can Count on NYC Bed Bug Specialists to Help You

Maybe you’ve recently traveled to New York City and stayed in an AirBnB location. If you think you may have brought bed bugs home with you, you need to get professional help to tackle this problem. At Stern Environmental, we use only the best methods of bed bug treatment available.

Bed bugs are not a problem to take on by yourself. Contact us today for an inspection and our expert bed bug treatment services.

Our Traveler’s Guide to Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Tips For Travel
Bed Bug Tips For Travel

Bed bug infestations in hotels are on the rise not just in the U.S. but around the world. This is due to the pests hitching a ride inside luggage, clothing, purses, planes, trains, or anything mobile that provides a warm place for an undisturbed journey.

The blood-thirsty bugs do not discriminate when it comes to a good meal. Adults, teens, and children are all of the bed bug menu. The result of a bed bug bite results in red, itchy welts. Most people have no reaction to the bite other than itching while others suffer from an allergic reaction.

Before and during your travel time, there are some tips to help keep bed bugs at bay.

  • Before booking a hotel at your destination location, check online for customer reviews. These will give you an idea of what to expect and if the hotel, motel, hostel, or bed and breakfast has had a bed bug problem.
  • Spray your luggage with a bed bug control product, inside and out.
  • Pack clothing in sealed storage bags.
  • Inspect the hotel room including bedding, baseboards, drawers, and headboard.
  • Keep luggage off the floor and closed.
  • If bed bugs are present, contact management immediately.

When you want to help bed bugs pack their bags and take a one-way trip out of town, call the professionals at Stern Environmental Group. They’ve got just the ticket to send bed bugs on their way.

Will You be Traveling this Summer? Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home!

Don't Bring Home These Unwanted Guests
Don’t Bring Home These Unwanted Guests

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, you’ve probably been very careful to choose your hotel to avoid bringing home pests like bed bugs. The problem is that even four star hotels can harbor bed bugs, so to ensure your safety, you’ll want to take a few extra measures.

Inspect the Room

Before you bring your luggage into your hotel room, inspect it carefully for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs. Pull back each layer of blankets and look carefully for bugs or blood stains. Check the mattress closely, and be sure to check the seams.

Notify Management of a Problem

If you suspect the room has bed bugs, let hotel management know immediately. You can ask for a new room if you’re comfortable with that, but inspect that one too. It might be a better solution to ask for a refund and take your belongings elsewhere.

Carefully Wash Clothes When You Return

When you get back home, launder everything in hot water and dry it on a hot setting. You might even consider spraying your luggage just to ensure it’s safe before you bring it inside.

When it comes to bed bug control, sometimes you just can’t avoid a problem. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, it’s important to have an inspection right away. Contact us today for an appointment.